Operating using this model can e advantage since extant organization dejects the introduction of new music companies. This is due mainly to the established and limited availability to resources or processes. Additionally new companies would have to spend large amount of capital In effort to sway consumers to purchase their product over the larger music labels. Reference: McConnell, C. R. , Bruce, S. L. , & Flynn, S. M. (2009). Economics: Principles, problems, and polices (18th deed. ). New York: McGraw Hall/learn McDonald, H. (2011) Big Four Record Labels. Retrieved from: http://musicians. CM/odd/ inscrutability’s/g/Figure. HTML #2

INDIA Q DUE Day 5 (Saturday) What market structure best characterizes the market in which University of Phoenix competes? How does this structure Influence the university’s pricing strategy? I believe that the university of Phoenix operates in an pure competition market. A purely competitive market occurs as the result of the market having a high number of producers McConnell, Bruce, & Flynn, 2009, peg. 177). As a result the larger number of buyers and producers has no substantial affect on market price and quantity. Therefore an Inherit horizontal demand is realized and the University will have officially selling above market price.

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This Is because product offerings are so scalar sell below market since it would only decrease their revenues and profit margins. How does University of Phoenix differentiate its product from that of its competitors? I think the flexible offering of class schedules and the online platform allows them to stand out from other organization. Furthermore the fact that courses are taught by professionals who have a wealth of experience in presented field provides insight to the Has University of Phoenix erected non-price barriers to entry in this market?

The school’s focus on the working adult they are able to provide more flaccidity with the scheduling of courses. Additionally the school’s unique approach to team learning allows it to stand out from other schools since the method better equips individuals for collaboration with others in the workplace. Can University of Phoenix do more to create non-price barriers to entry in this market? I think that the growing number of adult focused schools has caused the market to become increasingly saturated.

As a result further efforts of creating non- ricers barriers in the market would not gain University of Phoenix any more market share. #3 INDIA Q DUE Day 3 (Thursday) Identify an organization not previously selected and recommend methods to reduce costs. A company that could benefit from a reduction in costs is Verizon Communications Inc. In 2010 the company reported operating costs of $26. 080 million (Verizon communication 2010 Annual report, peg. 26). A significant portion of this is the result of expenses relative to human resource management.

These expenses include federal regulated costs like PICA & unemployment, the cost of lath benefit options, marketing cost for open positions, fees relative to the use of staffing firms, training cost for new hires (orientations) and the costs related to severance packages, claim like disability and workmen’s compensation insurance and payments, and HER call centers to answer questions of employees. What effects do technologies have on costs? Believe an investment in a technology platform that would streamline many of the HER processes and making them self-service would aid in lowering the HER costs.

This Mould eliminate time allocated to or devoted to less efficient administrative tasks. Making these tasks available for the employee to complete themselves will lead to a reduction in HER headcount, as well as a reduction in HER staff expenses for items like training and travel. What are some lower-cost sources the organization can utilize to reduce costs? A lower cost source would be a large centralization of HER processes since the company may have sites that use differing processes for the same HER function. This will allow continuity within the company and ensure that all HER personnel are providing employees with the same information.