The purpose is to enable all students have cultural opportunities that can be used in future study and work. Actually, there are a large number of music education institutions in I-J. For example, Sheffield Music School is registered charity over 30 years. The Job of the school is providing the highest quality music teaching with the lowest cost for young person who interest in music. Meanwhile, the school encourage their students have fun and enjoy the music. The school focuses on teaching chamber music and solo performance.

According to the school claimed, most of their students are willing to go to Music College or University o study music in the future (Sheffield Music School, 2012). 2. 12 Production: Production link in the second music value chain, it refers to the process of a product or service produce. The record label is the major player, the Job is to seek musician “rite songs and produce CD in plant. As a consequence of recording label develops, mass of recording studios are emerge in I-J regions. Steelworks Studios located in Sheffield, described as the finest recording studios in the North of England.

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So far, it received numerous famous stars work there, such as Cline Don, Urethra Franklin, and Take That. Besides, steelwork provides an extensive range of specialize services and equipments, and three studios for different customers to record album Steelworks Studios, 2011). 2. 13 Circulation: companies can apply copyright, make contract with distribution agent and negotiate Ninth live performance activities. On the other hands, promotion the produced music is necessary. The record companies can through the media like TV, internet, radio, and club to promote it. . 14 Distribution: Distribution illustrates how the music move to market and sell to customer, it range from retail, live performances and broadcast (Floodlit, 2001). The retail has two forms: formal retail outlets and informal retail network. Actually, the sales from retail networks are greater than retail outlets. Live performances are the most significant contributor to the music industry. Regularly, live performances can promote record sales reach the highest. Certainly, the venue of live performance should be considered.

The Motoring Arena is one of the largest entertainment and leisure ‘ensues. It operates by Sheffield International Venues (SIVA), and the aim is to make Sheffield become international cultural centre in the area of entertainment, leisure and sport. The Arena had held many successes live concerts (Motoring Arena, 2009). Broadcast also play important role in music industry. In I-J, the local popular broadcast is BBC. BBC 6 is specialize for music listening. 2. 15 Consumption: ere last segment of music value chain is consumption. It is necessary to know the customers’ feedback from the new product.

So that the music companies can adjust the strategies to meet the customers’ need, and have idea on next invest plan. However, collecting feedbacks are extremely difficult due to the problem of piracy. 3. 0 Technology Globalization impact on Music Industry: he value chain gives us view about the music framework. As the introduction said: globalization promotes music industry develop and change. One side, globalization contributes to “online” music value chain. Other sides, globalization effect on each segment of music value chain.

Comparing Table two and Table three, it can be noticed that the music value chain change. Table three is traditional music value chain, it features 7 segments from artist composer to consumer. The main problem of this one is produce process trivial. Conversely, with the technology globalization placement like internet, Table two is the newest music value chain, as well as composes by 5 segments. The newest music value chain also called “online” music ‘alee chain. While, on account of technology globalization develops, the music value chain mechanism has to transform.

Table three: Traditional music value chain Source from: Carlyle, Gladiola, Container and et al, 2002) Not only technology globalization updates the music value chain, but also change the Nay of music production and consumption. In Sheffield, Steelwork Studio uses the advanced facilities and equipments to ensure musicians recording are effective. Such as hi-end microphones, preamp, CEQ and compressors (Steelworks Studios, 2011). Ninth the development of internet, online music store are growing quickly recent {ears. It different from actual music file, instead of sell audio files.

The online music store also improving and explore distinct kinds of service so that absorb more musicians sell their album in their store without third party. These services mainly focus on take advantages of technology to delivery music. There exist a good example can explain the popular of online music store. Tunes is the largest online he volume of sales from Tunes online store had greater than physical music store. Therefore, the impacts of technology globalization on music industry can be separated into three parts. Firstly, technology globalization updates the music value chain mechanism.

Secondly, technology globalization contribution on music produce, it offers advanced facilities to make sure the best recording service. Last but not least, it creative a new consumption pattern that is online music store. 4. 0 Trade Globalization impact on Music Industry: sides the technology, globalization has another key characteristic that is technology. Both of these two characteristics are two major contributors to music ‘alee chain segments change. In the past twenty years, the world trade growth rapidly. Many organizations and commission are engaged in world trade like WTFO.

In 2006, the I-J commission published trade policy in Global Europe: competing in the Nor (Parliamentary, 2008). The aims of this policy are achieving trade liberalizing and supporting European countries’ business. I-J is famous for music industry, as the centre of music industry and the fourth largest music publishing market. In terms of economic benefits, it contributes to 6% GAP and existence 2. Million employees (UK Trade & Investment, 2012). Some of foreign investor finds the benefits of music industry, and wants to go to I-J develop their business.

So that trade liberalizing convenience for foreign investors invest in UK music industry, and develop music industry. Consequently, more foreign investors existence in I-J. For example, Red Tape Studio in Sheffield absorbs few international stakeholders to develop their training and facilities (Betterment, 1988). On the other hand, trade globalization make the I-J become the second music export country, and follow by Germany (Unite National, 2008). In terms of music export, it mainly happens in ‘Distribution and Consumption” music value chain, and through live performances and sell albums.

Many of record label companies prefer to sell album overseas. “hen it comes to export albums, it usually refers to piracy and copyright issues. Once the new album launch, the piracy will engage in the market at the same time. Some people copy of copyrighted album form internet or other illegal ways, and then sell them with lower price. In this way, record label companies will face deficit. That’s the reason why music industry always regards protection copyright as the most important issue. Thus, trade globalization has impact on music industry via two sides, one is investment and one is export.

Trade globalization published a number of trade rules. It is convenience for foreign investors invest in UK music industry. For one thing, they offer rich funds to develop I-J music industry. For another, because of cultural diversity, foreign investors and musicians bring new blood in the UK music industry. For instance, American artist Madonna is popular in ASK, and British artist Spice Girls develops successful in American music market. Moreover, trade libations causes the problem of copyright that music industry market may disorder. Even worse, recording companies may face close down. 5. Conclusion: or sum up, this report analysis the music value chain firstly. The music value chain has five main segments and as follows: beginning, production, circulation, distribution, and consumption. And then discuss the impact of globalization on music Industry. In addition, through technology globalization and trade globalization to update the music value chain, advanced produce facilities, and creative online music store. While, trade globalization promote invest and export on music industry. The investors and musicians are attract by I-J music environment, and they prefer to come to UK develop music business.

That can promote music industry economic, and combine diversity cultural. However, trade globalization causes a problem of copyright which is difficult to handle. Therefore, globalization has positive and negative impacts on music industry. As for the negative impacts, it is necessary to take some actives. For example, the government can publish a set of copyright laws to limit illegal copy. The record companies can use technology to change file structure. More importantly, promote customer purchase legal copy. . 0 Reference: Beck, IS. , 1999. What is Globalization?