The idea that no matter where you start in life you have opportunity to work hard and gain prosperity and success, is also known as the American Dream. Which nowadays see ms to be an almost dying If not already totally dead concept. Something seen only In fairy tales an d movies and not really so much in real life. In these days and times it seems as though it does not ma utter how hard you work, but rather the people you know, that decide whether you will have the purport unity to be successful or not.

But If you are Just an everyday person how exactly are you suppose d to go about making those connections with people that really matter? The ones that can really he Ip you? It almost seems like if you are starting at the bottom, then that is where you are goanna stay. Ho waver, this generation’s obsession with technology aids those who want to become famous MUSM c artists by allowing them a pathway to connect with the people who will be able to make it happy en for them or who at least will help them in finding their way.

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Today in the music industry, with the help of technology, the “American” Dream’s set of Ideals are still alive and thriving. Any person Is grantee d the opportunity to go from an absolute nobody to famous passport if they figure out how to play their c awards right. Technology in itself is the basis for creating the connection between artist and fan an d/or potential fan that is needed to ensure an artist’s music’s success.

Shows like The X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol are excellent examples of genealogy helping the everyday person achieve their dream of becoming the next gar eat music artist through a greater connection to their fans. These shows are entirely geared towards finding the world’s next big thing from masses of everyday nobody type people. These shows give ordinary people blessed with enormous talent, the kind of exposure, training, and tools needed to ma eek It In the music industry today. Tools and opportunities that they normally would not ever get the chi once to draw on.