My females roots are intertwined with several ethnic and cultural backgrounds. My mother’s parents are American, but her ancestors are originally from England and Germany. My father’s mother is Peruvian, but his father is Egyptian. I grew up in Peru with my parents in a quiet neighborhood of Lima. My paternal grandparents lived down the street from us, but my maternal grandparents lived in the United States. Unlike most on-native speakers, I did not learn English for school; I learned English so that I could speak to my grandparents. Coming from a multilingual family sparked many difficulties in communication. For example, when my maternal grandparents would fly from North America to South America to visit us, my mother had to translate among the different family members. We spoke Spanish in our house, but my American grandparents spoke only English. Since they did not speak a word of Spanish, my mother was constantly Interpreting questions and answers. Rather than enjoying their visit, my mother had to work as a renovator.

With my mom’s help. I could understand my grandparents, but I wanted to speak to them by myself. Eventually, this situation reached its boiling point. One day my mother asked my grandmother to pick me up from school. My school was only a few blocks from our house, but my grandmother got horribly lost on the way. She ended up in the wrong neighborhood and had to get help from the police. It was quite embarrassing for a grown woman to find herself lost In a small neighborhood. Now we all realized that being monolingual was a huge handicap. In addition, it was potentially dangerous ability!

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Because of this incident, I decided to take action. The next time my grandparents came to visit, I taped vocabulary cards on all of the objects in our house. On the Sills, I hung a card with “chair” written on it. On the mesa, I attached a card that said “table. ” I continued putting these English words all over the house. Meanwhile, my grandparents saw how hard I was working to learn English, and they decided that they wanted to learn Spanish. Later, we wrote the Spanish words on all of the cards as well so that we could practice together. My mom would help us with grammar whenever we had questions.

It was so much fun to turn our monolingual Spanish house into a truly bilingual home. While I was studying English, I realized that learning a language does more than teach you new words; It enables you to learn about new people. Instead of needing my mother to tell me stories about my grandparents, we can now talk directly to each other. Now my grandparents and I talk on the phone every week without a translator, and our relationship is much closer than it ever was before. By learning a common language to communicate, you can experience a new relationship. Source: Keith S. Fools & Tools Pugh (2007), Greater Essay.

Canada: Houghton Muffling Example of Descriptive Essay ere Ring People all over the world spend valuable time and cash to see championship fights. Whether it is for boxing, wrestling, or ultimate fighting, crowds gather in bars and around televisions to support their favorite fighters. Many know what is like to be spectator, but few know the fighter’s experience. L, on the other hand, have first- hand knowledge of what is like to be in the ring. The first sound I hear is the familiar bell that brings me to reality. All around are y friends, family, and people who want to see women brawl.

This is far from a quiet event. The onlookers are comparable to screeching howler monkeys with beers and snacks in their hands. My body feels heavy; I am covered in all the necessary places to prevent injury. The guard in my mouth causes excess fluid to run down my chin. ere ring smells like rubber and sweat from previous battles. These conditions are not ideal for the average woman, but for me boxing is my place in the world, my sanctuary, my one talent. I look over at my competition. She is shorter and thicker than I am, and her stance s impeccable. Immediately I realize that this will be a memorable occasion.

I can tell everything about my opponent by her reaction to the first punch, whether she backs away or comes in closer. I always test the water with a three-punch combination: a lab, a strong right, and a left hook. With each strike I exhale, making the hits more effective. She moves in closer, mainly because of her height, partially because she is confident. This makes me hesitate, but I know I cannot let this stab of fear affect my performance. I prance around my tiptoes, and she follows me like a lost puppy. The first-two minute round consists of she and I doing the well-known first round dance. This is how we figure each other out.

Not much damage is done on either end, a couple of single blows, and soon enough the bell rings signifying our thirty-second break. I stagger over to my corner of my ring. My coach gives me the usual pep talk as I spit while simultaneously wiping beads of sweat off my head, necks, and chests. He reminds me of a father, very proud of his little girl. Soon enough, before I am fully rejuvenated, it will be time to go back to the fight for the second round. I am so prepared. Whether I win or lose the fight, I know that I will fight my best and make my coach and myself proud. I will relish in every moment of my time in the boxing ring.

There is no other place I would rather be. Source: Karri L. Russell (2012), Write Now. Americas, New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies. Example of Argumentative Essay Can Spam! When I first got an e-mail account ten years ago, I received communications only from friends, family, and professional acquaintances. Businesses did not contact me with advertisements to sell me their services. Now it seems that every time I check my e-mail, I have to delete an endless parade of advertisements and other correspondence that does not come from legitimate businesses and therefore does not interest me at all.

If we want e-mail to continue to be useful, we need specific laws that criminality spam. The annoying avalanche of spam threatens to destroy this important means of modern communication. If the government does not do something soon to outlaw spam, the problem will certainly get much worse. Computer programs allow spammed to send hundreds of millions of e-mails virtually instantly. As more and more advertisers turn to spam to sell their products, the e-mail that we want to receive could be greatly outnumbered by Junk e-mail.

Would you continue to use e-mail if you had to delete 100 pieces of spam for each e-mail that was written to you by someone you know? Although this problem with e-mailing is troubling for private individuals, it is even shut down the entire network of business. Companies rely on e-mail for their employees to communicate with each other. Spamming corrupts their internal communications, and a company’s employees are thus unable to communicate effectively. Such a situation results in a loss of productivity for the company and sometimes requires the company to reformulate its communication network, too.

These computer problems raise the company’s costs, which must then be passed on to the consumer. Despite these problems for businesses, some people might argue that crystallizing spam would infringe on spammed’ right to free speech. However, how free is speech that drowns out other voices that we want to hear? Commercial speech that is designed to encourage people to spend money legally different form people’s right to voice their personal opinions. The right to free speech does not allow companies to flood my mailbox with their e-mail garbage.

Yes, free speech is essential component of the exchange of ideas necessary for a flourishing democracy. Unsolicited e-mails, however, threaten to inhibit effective communication, not nurture Because of these important reasons, our lawmakers need to legislate against spam. Spammed should be fined, and perhaps Jailed, if they continue to disturb people with their incessant pleas for our attention and our money. E-mail was designed to be a helpful tool to allow people all over the world to communicate with ACH other quickly and effectively, but spam threatens to destroy this advance in human communication.

Source: Keith S. Fools & Tyson Pugh (2007), Greater Essay. Canada: Houghton Muffling Company Example of Compare and Contrast Essay ere Truth About Cats and Dogs I used to think that dogs were better than cats as pets. As I was growing up, my had cats because my father is allergic to them. I always assumed that when I grew up, I would have a dog as a pet. My life as a pet owner changed one night when a tiny kitten showed up at my door. He was cold, wet, and hungry, and I was afraid he Mould die on my doorstep if I did not help him.

I never saw myself as a cat owner, but now I am one, I realize that most of the stereotypes about cats and dogs are untrue. Cats are supposed to be standoffish and incurious as well as finicky and meticulous. My cat, however, is very friendly and even a little messy. He always wants my attention, which can be annoying at times, especially when I am trying to cook or study. I thought that a cat would sleep all day, but my cat is much more energetic than I expected. If he does not go outside to frolic in the backyard, he starts to behave a bit neurotically. Obviously, my cat does not fit stereotype of the average cat.

People also say that dogs are friendlier than cats, but I remembered a couple of my family dogs that were not friendly at all. Our Chihuahua was named Waster, and he did not like anyone. Every time someone rang our doorbell, he would bark ferociously to scare the visitor away. Once he even nipped at my grandmother! She never thought that all dogs were friendly after the experience. We also had another dog named Rover that used to bark loudly whenever the postal carrier came to deliver our mail. Even though our carrier never met our dog, I am certain that he knew Rover was not a friendly dog.

Of course, I have known both cats and dogs that fulfill the stereotypes as well. My friend Mime had a cat that was so aloof and distant that I never saw it when I came to visit. No matter how many times I dropped by her house, the cat always hid itself under a bed. Likewise, my friend Jasper has a dog that is almost ridiculously friendly. It licks and licks and licks until I wish it were not quite friendly. How did these stereotypes about cats and dogs develop? As with most prejudices, hey reflect more about the people who express them than about what is true.

Both cats and dogs make good pets, and both of them can make bad pets. It all depends on the individual animal, and no one should Judge an animal before getting to know Modern Music Technology : Downloading or Stealing? The recording industry is in a slump. Albums and CDC are not selling as much as they were several years ago, and this trend shows no sign of reversing. For the industry as a whole, profits are down ten percent within the last three years. What has caused this downward spiral for the music industry? The answer is the same piece of equipment with which I am writing this essay: the personal computer.

There are three reasons that the computer has had a deleterious effect on the recording industry. Because of the popularity of sharing computer sound files, consumers no longer feel that they need to purchase music. Many people think it is morally acceptable-? not to mention convenient-?to download music files for free via file-sharing services. A couple of mouse-button clicks, and presto! Now you “own” on your own computer that catchy little tune that you have been humming. Then, it is Just a couple of more clicks until it is burned on a CD for you.

With this level of convenience, it is easy to see why record companies are feeling the pinch. In addition, computers allow musicians to market and sell their own music. Musicians can record and create their own CDC at a relatively modest cost these days. Before the development of the personal computer, most musicians could not afford to record their own music, but now the costs are much more reasonable. For this reason, it makes less sense for musicians to give away a part of their profits to a cord company for activities that they can accomplish themselves.

Furthermore, the recording industry bears some of the blame for its own problems simply because it has been recalcitrant about using personal computers to sell its products. It has long annoyed me that record companies primarily sell whole albums when only one of the songs is of interest to me. I do not like to waste my money on an entire album and then find out that the album has Just one good song on it. The recording industry should package and sell music in a way that consumers Ant and take advantage of personal computers to market songs to individual nonusers.

If the downward trends in the recording industry continue, will there still be a recording industry? It is quite possible that the recording industry will die over time if it becomes no longer profitable to market and sell music. Performing artists might have to advertise themselves through smaller venues, and consumers might need to seek out new music if it is no longer marketed directly to them. The computer has brought about tremendous changes to the recording industry, and the industry will have to move quickly to retain its relevance in today’s economy.