The men these boys look up to have shown the masculine qualities that are needed to encompass the guy code. Many Americans Like the qualities that make up the rural masculinity or a “country boy’. These country boys encompass many good qualities that make them popular. The stereotypical country boy is white 10-60, and usually is in the lower-middle class (blue collar). Being straight is the way to be in the cowboy culture. The large majority of rural masculinity comes from rural areas and the

South. Their culture is a mix of mainstream and alternative. The cultural attitude is very laid back and personable; they have strong family values, hard workers, and are biased as being not very smart or rich. Religion Is also a factor when It comes to rural masculinity as that Is what your values and beliefs are based off of. I believe that the man with that embodies rural masculinity or the country boy attitude is Toby Keith. As he comes form a blue-collar family he knew what he had to do to achieve his dream. His hard work on the oil derricks took him up to operations manager by the time he was 20.

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On the side to help support himself him and a couple buddies made a band called the Easy Money Band. When the oil industry took a dive he went back to his roots and tried out for a semi-pro football team out of Oklahoma City. He never gave up on his dream of getting a record contract and finally caught his big break in the sass’s and signed a record deal with Mercury Records. He had made it and had gotten his contract. After that his career took of and there was no stopping from there. Toby likes to show off his masculinity by always wearing a hat when he performs, and you’ll never see him without his signature goatee.

The cowboy hat symbolizes the cowboy at heart. His goatee shows off his masculinity, as a beard or facial hair Is a staple for manhood. His sleeveless shirts are a staple at his concerts to show off his biceps, which the ladies can’t get enough of. He has a thick southern accent, which embodies the manly image that many people enjoy. He is also a staunch family man. He has three kids and another one the way along with two grandchildren. Along with his country songs he has many patriotic songs. He goes on US tours overseas to motivate and keep the hopes of the troops up.

One song in reticular “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” which was written after his dad was killed In an automobile accident and the attacks on 9/11. He wanted to pay homage to his dad’s service in the military and to the faith he had in the untied States. His patriotic songs are what got some people that have come back from the war through the day and keep them going through their physical therapy and down the road to recovery. The only downside to this song was when on of the Dixie Chicks publicly stated that this song was “ignorant, and it makes country music sound Ignorant”. He didn’t let it bother him anymore.

He incorporates this into his music as it is very laid back and relates to blue-collar folks. Having to work multiple Jobs to help support pursuer is something many upper class Americans can’t really relate to. Some of his music is about him explaining the hardships that he went through. Many people in the upper class have never had to go through some of the hardships he has. Morning through the adversity that he had to go through like he did is what makes a man. Doing what he did to get to where is he today is what makes him a good person for rural masculinity. In the country music world he is thought of as very masculine.

If you take a look at some of his music you won’t be surprised to see that. His music is filled with party songs, beer songs, and his most recognized patriotic songs. Some of these songs encourage the drinking of a lot of beer and having a good time with friends. His patriotic songs make him look pro-war, but he has never came out and fully supported the war. He was a registered democrat and now he is registered in the Independent Party, but has pledged his support to both campaigns. He said he got out of the Democratic Party because he didn’t have the same beliefs as they have.

Even after his singing career is over Toby has something to fall back on. He started robs Kith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in 2005 and has since taken off. Being an entrepreneur like he his shows another sign of masculinity. He always has something that he can do to support his family if times get tough. Along with his restaurant he has appeared very rugged and masculine in many TV commercials for various companies such as Ford. Along with commercials he has made a couple TV appearances such as Comedy Centrals Roast of Larry the Cable Guy, The Collect Report, and Fox Channel’s Hackers where he did a duet at the end of the show with

Mike Hackers. Toby Keith is the image of what rural masculinity should look like. He has the cowboy hat, sleeveless shirt, and the facial hair. He likes to project his own image and tries to stay out of the tabloids as often as possible. He worked his Nay up from a helping hand on the oil derrick to operations manager to starting his own band, and eventually starting his own record label. His family is what drives him to keep performing and is one of the keys to rural masculinity. He is a role model to many younger people because of the way he carries himself and his beliefs.