In most businesses there Is a top manager that Is In charge of taking care of the overall assets for the owner. Various titles are bestowed upon these leaders from store managers to general managers. Yet, the end result is the same, and that is protecting the assets and the business from any and all liabilities. One very important role is how a manager identifies and protects the tangible property rights of an organization.

In the retail business, training is provided to the manager to ensure that he or she understands how to handle and protect the tangible assets of an organization. With the home improvement giant, Home Depot, the company provides training for their managers, along with providing them with resources to perform their Jobs effectively. One resource Includes corporate help lines which ensure that If the manager has a question, the manager has someone to call (Home Depot, 2011). Tangible property items at Home Depot can range from the desks, chairs, registers, and the Inventory, to the actual physical building.

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One specific way manager can protect the tangible property Is by phoning the police department to make them aware if an item is being stolen from the business. The hotel industry is much like the retail industry. In a hotel, a manager must be able to identify the various tangible property items such as beds, televisions, fitness equipment, pool, spa, microwaves, refrigerators, linen, terry cloth, banquet chairs, restaurant chairs, and restaurant equipment. As the general manager of a hotel one must protect both the hotel and the restaurant and meet the expectations of that brand.

These expectations are measured by the brand performing inspections of these standards (Business Traveler, 2011). During these inspections the Inspector walks guest rooms, public areas, and the restaurant. In these Inspections the Inspector is ensuring that the hotel and restaurant are meeting or exceeding the brand standards that are outlined. The way a manager ensures on a dally basis that the hotel Is following the standards is through daily inspections by the general manager and department managers.

The other large piece of tangible property that the general manager is expansible for protecting is the building itself. During certain times of the year a building may be faced with a visit from “Mother Nature” which could destroy one’s building. This is why a general manager must have a plan or a company in place to take over once the storm has passed for assistance with recovery. Some will use a company called Advanced Catastrophe Technologies which will come in and get to work on the cleaning and restoration of the property (Hospitality Lawyer, n. D. ) . This will help minimize the down time that the hotel faces.

This particular restoration many actually specializes in the hotel Industry (Hospitality Lawyer, n. D. ). On the other hand, the trucking Industry Is very different as the company does not Just have the tangible property such as the trucks and trailers. The company also has to protect the tangible property it is transporting for other companies. One way a device that is placed on every truck (ATT, 2010). This device will alert the manager as to where the truck is at all times, along with speed of the truck, mileage, average fuel consumption, and any maintenance that the truck made need (ATT, 2010).

This IS very helpful to any trucking company manager, as it allows them to view this information and keep track of the shipments that the company is responsible for Nile in transit. Another way for a manager to protect the tangible property in the trucking industry is to follow the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration policies. The United States Department of reincorporation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets the minimum requirements for a person to obtain a legal driver’s license to operate such vehicles

II-AS Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, n. D. ). Once the driver poses the license, it is up to the manager to do the due diligence to do a check on work history, accident reports and random drug screening (US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, n. D. ) . Rhea manager does play a major role here in protecting the tangible property assets for the business owner. Negligence on the manager’s part could cost that business a lot of money from various liabilities.

The music industry is very different from both the hotel and trucking industries as the tangible property that a musician has is the artwork or the lyrics that one may have. For a person who is trying to make it big in the music industry, one thing they have to do is be very careful in how they advertise their non-copyrighted music (Record Deal Marketing, 2011). With social media being very easy way for artists trying to make it big, the artist will post their music on these sites, and because it is not copyrighted, it is free for anyone to take to make it heir own (Record Deal Marketing, 2011).

This is where having a manager in the music business is very helpful and strongly recommended. An experienced music manager knows exactly the steps that need to be taken to get your artwork and lyrics copyrighted. The manager will typically work for a percentage of the money earned by an artist along with fees for expenses (Busch ; Associates, 2010). The manager’s other responsibilities are to assist in marketing the musician, landing gigs, obtaining record deals and getting publicity (Busch & Associates, 2010) .

The manager’s main responsibility is to protect the tangible property of the artist by ensuring that the artwork and lyrics is protected by copyrights. Even though it works little differently in the music industry, the manager still has the same responsibility, and that is to protect the tangible property such as the artwork and lyrics. After reviewing all of these different industries it looks like a manager has a very big role to fulfill. Managers are the key to success in many different industries. By having the properly trained and experienced manager, the company will have its tangible repertory protected in all industries.