Target Finish Date: Date Achieved: Performer & Recording Artist I have always had a passion for music, since II was little, I have learnt various instruments, including Violin, Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar. I spent a while focusing on each of these from a young age growing up, at one point all I played was an electric guitar. After a while I threw the guitar down and picked up an acoustic, from that day I haven’t looked back, so to speak. I always had a lot of time for eat boxers and voice percussionists.

I have been practicing different techniques of this since I was around 15 years old; and always had the idea into my head that if I could record the voice percussion on the spot live, and sing/rap and play the guitar at the same time, it could be mind blowing. I invested in a looping pedal, which enables me to loop vocals like voice percussions, harmonies and guitar at the same time. So I can build a backing track on the spot. I also have a vocal processor pedal. The pedal comes with 35 different presets which include reverbs, harmonies on 3rd and that’s, , 4 or 6 voices and various modulation effects.

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Which is another weapon to my arsenal. With the equipment I had, and the ability and confidence in myself. I decided not to hold back any longer. And to get out and perform. Dating back to Summer 2011 1 had little experience in performing in front of live audiences, I overcame this by playing several local open mimic nights to gain experience and to start developing a venue repertoire, which would help me in the future, in terms of booking bigger venues/Audiences For the past SIX months I have played at various venues, In front of a wide range of audiences and judges. Mom of which have had chart topping singles and featured on platinum selling albums) The following is a backlog of my progress so far. October 2011 Since my first Independent gig, I passed auditions Into an open mimic night competition. I have practiced constantly, slowly but surely placing together a settles. November 2011 Since my last Log, I came third out of 14 people in the semi finals of the Open Mimic Night Competition. I was also booked to play a birthday party while still playing open mimic nights every weekend. December 2011 Fresh out of the Open Mimic Night Final, in which I placed third out of 8 people.

I was told about another competition which was being held in Northampton, at the Nab’s Sports Bar. I also placed third in this competition where I won a cash sum of OHIO. I Nas also booked by Real Music MS to play Blithely Park Christmas Festival, taking two sets over the weekend. “Stage fright is becoming less of an issue” lanyard 2012 In late December I was asked to play a private function for the staff of Son Bar at the Escape dome in Milton Keynes, for their belated Christmas party. It didn’t go to plan as the looping pedal which I use decided to give up on life, which I hadn’t experienced before.

So it threw my off, needless to say the set ended badly. February 2012 February was a quiet month, with only a few open mimic nights, still progressing. I’m starting to feel more confident on stage now. March 2012 March was also quiet, I took time out to work on a new set Present At present I have a number of gigs booked for the summer, including twice where I support Liftoff Shillings, better known as ‘The Artful Dodger’ as well as being booked to play a private function for Ted Baker in Covent Garden. I also have my first self promoted and self booked paid gig, in Binary.

My contract for ARMS (Real Music MS) management, and Real Music Records is currently in the process of drafting up. I feel that I have come along way in the last 6 months, and that to further my ability and to obtain a broader following, I need to start booking gigs in area’s outside of Milton Keynes. Reaching to the main counties around the area, and gradually expand outwards. I currently study Music Technology at the University of Bedsore’s at a Foundation Degree level. There was a point in which I had a decision to make: To go becoming successful in music.

So I took the opportunity of attending university. My intentions were to further my knowledge and experience in Music technology so that in future I could use those skills productively and to my advantage. Further Development Targets Specific After the progress, and in some ways success I have established over the past 6 months, I still feel that I have a lot of growing to do in terms of: -Perfecting a steeliest ;Stage performance *Visual performance -Vocal performance -Show Promotion (self) -Gig Booking (self) would really like to pursue all of these characteristics of performing. Old also like to go into Production. With the ability to Produce various genre’s, from hip hop to acoustic. The FdA Music Production side of the Level 4 course I attend will be beneficial to me, if I decide to go into this area of the industry. I feel that without my degree, I will always be at a disadvantage to others who do have it, so my main production goals are: -To Graduate with the best Grade I can ;To start producing from home at a high level My dream is to achieve these goals.

Measurable Practice makes perfect, in terms of a steeliest, Mil’s sure I could perfect one within two months of practicing twice a week, and maintaining the practice intensity there on out. My soon-to-be Manager is supplying me with a ‘stage awareness and stage craft course’ I hope to be at the level I would like to be at within 3 months of an hour a “eek classes. ARMS are also supplying me with free vocal tuition. I can start booking shows and promoting myself when I have a high standard repertoire, of gigs I have played and money for promotion.

I’d like to give this six months. If I choose to continue working hard at the highest standard I possibly can. Then I will e able to overcome that disadvantage. I will graduate with the best grade I can achieve within the next four or 5 years. I also need to start looking at universities I can attend once my Foundation Degree ends, to top up my Degree in which field of the industry I choose to go in, at that time. Depending on the course I choose to take, and the area I choose to study further in.

I should get my Full Degree 1-2 years after I have Graduated from the University of Bedsore’s at the end of 2013. Achievable can make sure my performance skills improve by sticking to a strict regime of reactive and using the classes that ARMS are supplying me with to my full advantage. By attending all classes when remotely possible and to make sure I understand all topics relating to assignments that have been set. Assignment Submission Punctuality and a high standard of work or essential to go further into my musical career.

Realistic Its apparent that I have my work cut out for me and that its going to be extremely Challenging. Having said this I feel that if I put time aside to finish assignments on time to a high standard; and practice thoroughly. I will comfortably press on and be successful, as well as be accepted into a University that I feel will help me be the best can. Rime Based As I feel Education and Performance should interact with each other, I am going to give myself a 5 year timescale to complete the tasks I have set myself. My Timescale is on a basis of how many years in higher education I may have left, depending on course type and length, as well as how long it may take me to fully achieve my Performing aspirations. It may take me longer as I may not be able to attend all classes and practice with the amount of assignments set for me. Skills I have learnt from FDA Benefits Advanced Logic skills Can help with Music production in later life. Music for film n depth If II wish to carry out Music For Film, this has given me the foundation point of any Production for Film.

Audio manipulation Extremely useful in production! Recording techniques Highly useful in production! Microphone selection Essential for recording Live Instruments Microphone positioning Essential for recording Live Instruments Microphone positioning Essential for recording Live Instruments Mixing recorded instruments Highly inefficient for production of all varieties Mixing Midi Beneficial for production of all ‘rarities Perez Software Free presentation software, which is internet based Musical terminology Useful when discussing various musical techniques.

Characteristics of different musical genre’s Makes different genres easier to produce/define. Harvard referencing Useful in business situations Better Time Planning Extremely beneficial in future day to day life. Preferably, on the second year of my FdA Course, I would like to go further into advanced mixing techniques, Introduction and development of Pro Tools skills and a elf produced track or e. P assessment, where I would have to write, record, mix and master and e. To a high standard. As well as Professional Production Techniques and to go on and develop knowledge in Live Sound so that I have a wide range of skills to go into the music industry with. Feel that this year on the FdA Music Tech course could have been improved by a performance, as I studied a level 3 Music Technology course at the same location under some of the same tuition as I have this year. I hope that next year will meet the aspirations that weren’t met this year.