Analysis Strategy Options & Choice Action Plan Situation Analysis Situation Analyses(External) So few songs actually become hits – Lass Vegas gives you better odds than the Music Industry! You might as well Just put a million dollars on red and spin the wheel… Rice Wake, Independent Music Producer Entertainment Management : Polyphonic HIM : Mixing Music and Math Situation Analysis(External) Music Industry only fewer than 300 of the approximately 3,000 singles released each year made It to the Billboard Singles Top 40) Entertainment Management : Polyphonic HIM : Mixing Music and Math Record Labels The lion’s share of a record company’s revenue was generated through its established artists – not new artists.

For Warner Music Group established artists accounted for almost 90% of the 1. 7 billion In revenues from newly released title In 2003. ) Entertainment Management : Polyphonic HIM : Mixing Music and Math 3 Producers (There were only 20 to 30 top producers who were responsible for the majority of successes, a large group of a few hundred producers who had a hit once in a while, and thousands of people trying to establish themselves as producer. Entertainment Management : Polyphonic HIM : Mixing Music and Math Artists 10,oho (There were about 10,000 artists with a record contract in the U. S. And Europe, but only several hundred with some name recognition and commercial success. Tens of thousands of artists were hoping to secure such a contract. ) Entertainment Situation Analysis(lanterns) Polyphonic HIM Polyphonic HIM was a Subsidiary of Group AI that used A. And Natural Science to solve business problems.

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Founded in 2002, It was La’s first foray into the entertainment sector Established specifically to market Group La’s A. L. Tools to the music industry Basic Technology An Extensive analysis of millions of songs. This covered nearly all music released by music labels since the sass And the Database was updated weekly with new releases The process considered over 25 characteristics in total ( including Melody, Harmony, Tempo, Pitch, Octave, Beat, Rhythm, Fullness of Sound, Brilliance, and Chord Progression)

Based on its Mathematical characteristics, each song was mapped onto “Music Universe” Songs with Mathematical similarities are positioned very close to one another Music Recommendation System Polyphonic had initially used the technology to develop a music recommendation system The idea was to develop a device placed in music stores, thereby helping retailers to increase sales Asked what music a consumer liked, matched that to Universe of Music, and used that information to recommend other music.

The difficult economic situation caused reluctance among retailers and hardware providers Hit Song Science Existence of clusters was evidence for the view that hit songs share certain mathematical patterns. The extent to which new releases “fit” those clusters should indicate their hit potential. The Clustering technique allowed Polyphonic to provide nights into the coherence of an album and a list of songs with similar mathematical properties. By giving higher weights to songs in the Universe with higher sales levels, HAS could better pinpoint the significance of a cluster.