The PROS or performing rights society Is a royalty collection society that was formed In 1914, as the organization was formed in 1997. As this had then begun to bring together two collections societies; the mechanical copy rights society, which I will go in to more later and performing rights society. When registered with the PROS, this allows a songwriter, composer or publisher to begin earning money through out it. The example of this is if there music is used on radio station, TV or even advert, also any business using music, all PROS may buy a license that gives them the permission o play or use member’s music.

Therefore this means the music used Is then reported to PROS for music logs, also live sets lists from festivals and gigs and so on. This is then used to match up to what they have a record, and this helps to work out how much money Was to which writer. In every country this is used also, so this means they have representation deals set in places, as music abroad they do a similar Job, making sure the money gets paid to the PROS, so they can pay there members. This also happens In French, German, and American etc. PROS Is a non- profit; making organization.

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When paying and operating costs are deducted, the rest of the money is given to the copy- rights holders. The owners of the copy-rights in the recording itself are saved by an unrelated organization, for example, a cover version of a song is played on radio 1. The PROS collects a fee on behalf of the writer and publisher. Mechanical copyright protection society -? The mechanical copyright protection society or AMPS, exists to make sure that when music Cad’s are pressed, that the writer of the works featured on the CD and paid a royalty from the CD. Therefore most music publishers in the UK register all their work tit AMPS.

AMPS is also now put under the PROS. Which for both the performing rights society and mechanical copyright protection society are still separate entitles, with the AMPS. If you wanted to sell a CD features music written by music composers, you would need to get a license from AMPS, and by doing this they will calculate what the royalties should be. This will depend on the sale price of the disk, the quantity of the disk being manufactured and the percentage of music on the CD that is written by the writers who have registered their work with the AMPS.

Then they will issue you tit an Invoice which, once paid, allows the purchaser of the license the right to press Cad’s featuring original recordings owned by other record companies and you should approach them direct for licensing information, also AMPS have now joined with PROS, which licenses the performing right of writers work to venues and broadcasters and also if you wish to produce a CD of music for a musical, this give’s you the contact of publishers of the work directs.

Musicians union repeated around the world which represents of over 30,000 musicians working all sectors of the music business and world. As well as standing on behalf of musicians Ninth all the major employs and industry, the MI-J offers a range of services for the self- employed by providing assistance for professional and student musicians of all ages, their have full time officials available to immediately tacked the issues raised by musicians working in the live arena, the recording studio, also writing and composing.

MUM members, regardless of their genre of music, are paid of an of the heading music industry in Europe. There are different was the MI-J helps the musicians are careers and business advice, legal assistance, contact advice, rights protection, industry lists and leaflets and more.