Why are Tunes and Spottily so popular? Critique 4 Sources 5 Introduction 4 In this casework, we want to focus on the changing environment of music industry. It started with radio, later on gramophone, vinyl and records, Cad’s and now online music. We want to research why this new type of listening and sharing music is so popular and finally, will it take over all the other sectors of music. Tunes Tunes Is software of the company Apple.

Since Apple has paid so much attention ND effort on making mobile phones, music players and computers that have excellent applications to play music, they also created a proper Instrument for people to play the music they wanted. What’s nice about this is that it’s not only meant for downloading, buying and listening to music but also for watching movies, programs and videos and listening to the radio. When the customer wants to use this application, the only thing that it requires is to download the program from the Internet to your computer or to any machine for free. After this, you Just start to buy and then download music, films, etc. The software and create your own playbills. In these plastic you can then categorize the song by the name of the artist, the name of the song or the album. After this you can play these songs one after another based on the alphabets or the singer, album or in a totally random order. If you don’t have the music you want to have, you can also buy it from Apple Store. The price for one song is 0. 99в? and for an album It’s 9. 99в?. However, for some of these songs you can only play these songs with the Tunes playing program or Apple’s own Pod music players since the songs are DRUM-protected.

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Lately they have started to release more of unprotected songs which also affect the pricing but are more convenient for the users. Now you have created your own database of music and you can listen to it when and wherever you like, even without internet connection. Spottily Spottily Is a Swedish music service where customers can listen to the music straight Daniel Eek Jaw Martin Lorenz. The program was published to the audience in 2008 and a part of Spottily ABA is now owned by many different record-companies.

If you don’t have Internet connection, you can listen to the songs that you have downloaded through Spottily to your computer. The service is for free but for the songs that you download, you have to purchase. There is also another option that is not for free Inch is getting Spottily Premium. This means that you will have to pay 9. 99 Euro per month. With this application, you don’t have to listen to the adverts that are playing in between the songs and there is no limit of how many times one song can be listened to. There are also other benefits such as getting preview published songs from many artists.

Also the quality of the sound is better that for the free users and they can save a maximum of 3 333 songs to be listened to without Internet injection. To use Spottily, you ought to have a Faceable account and you can use the same account for many devices at the same time but you can only listen to music from one at one time. Spottily is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, USA, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. In September 2010 they had more than 10 millions users and the number is constantly Increasing.

The music selection in Spottily is very wide and in September 2010 there Nerve 10 millions songs available that customers can search for based on the name of he artist, the song, the album and/or the style of the music. When wanting to download songs, one song costs 1. 59 Euro. The price of one song decreases as more songs are bough at the same time, for example buying 10 songs costs 9. 99в? and buying 100 songs costs 60. 00в?. However, you can play these songs with whatever music player you want since the songs are not DRUM-protected. In September 2009 Spottily was published for phone and Raindrop phones and in March for Simian phones.

Using this mobile application, a customers needs to have Spottily Premium or Spottily Unlimited which costs 4. 99 Euro per month. When using Spottily on your mobile, you can also listen to music when being offline. With this unlimited application you can listen to Spottily as much as you want. In that way it’s better than the free version (Spottily Open published in May 2010) since with the free version you can only listen to music for 20 hours in a month. In April 2011 Spottily announced that [o are only able to listen to one song five times in a month and that you are allowed to listen to music only 10 hours a month for free.

On Spottily a customer can see Inch songs his/her friends are listening since Spiffy is connected to Faceable. This Nay customers can also share their playbills with others and link music to their friends. NH are Tunes and Spottily so popular? Before Tunes and Spottily became so popular, the means of listening to music were basically records, radio and CD since the ass’s. Also Youth was published on the 1 5th of February 2005. What makes online music players so much better and revolutionary is that they make everything easier. Using online services makes finding new and up to date music much faster.

The only thing you need to do is to find the name of the song, artist, album or even a couple of sentences of the lyrics ND type them into services like Tunes Store and Spottily and you will find what you ‘What’s new’. In Tunes this is also possible by going to the Store and it gives you a list of most popular songs. This way you are immediately updated of the latest ‘news”. Nowadays you no longer need to buy a whole album of one artist if there is only one song you like. This way it is so much cheaper since you always have the option to either listen to it from Spottily for free or then buy it from there or Tunes Store.

With Spottily you can also connect the versatile playbills you have created or mound to your mobile phones and even TV. You don’t have to carry extra devices such as CD-players or MPH-players with you. Just carry your phone and all the music available for you to enjoy. Critique There are a couple of things that we can criticize online music services on. Firstly, artists and record companies complain that the compensation they receive is not sufficient enough. There are songs that have been played thousands of times and the money that the artists receive can be something like 30 Euro. This seems to be too little.