Music Business on Internet by Anastasia Humanity Railing university, Curably Internet has been widely known as the most sophisticated thing that happens in the world. People have been using it for more than fifty years; internet has become useful to human civilization. It provides easier connectivity, plenty information, and effectiveness. Even people can run an online business with Internet. One of the online businesses which Is currently emerging Is music business. It all began on the first June 1999, when Peter Fanning launched his program – Anapest.

Anapest is an online music store which provides with music files sharing. People can easily browse, streaming, even download their favorite music through Anapest. The presence of Anapest soon made people realize that they can consume music in a very different way. Musician sees this innovation as the new direction of music business. Many musicians then use the Internet as their promotion kits, they upload their songs and defined them to the whole world. It was Chuck D, rapper from American who started it all. In 1998, he uploaded his own song and released it in his own website besides through his own record label.

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What Chuck D done has been inspired many musicians o do the same thing to promote their music. Till then there are many social networks released which equipped the musicals with promoting program. An Easy Way with Plenty Benefits Such an easy way with simply clicking on the ‘Download’ bar, you can enjoy your favorite song. With many choices of websites which has this download facility, the Internet user that concerned In this thing Is Increasing. Most of the Internet users are the young ages. Young people consume many kinds of music; literally they have their favorite music.

It is common to do whatever it takes for them to have a leisure to their favorite music. If usually they have to buy the physics form of the music such as CD and cassette, nowadays they Just need an Internet. Internet let them to browse and download the music files legally. It is consider as an easy way to listen to the music. They only have to pay for the internet charge and they just got it Not only had the music listener who got the benefits from Internet, the musicals itself started to find their musical identity from internet. The presence of the media websites is helping them to do the music promotion.

The musician can easily remote their music with such an easy feature -uploading the MPH file to the website. The ability of the internet In spreading the information quickly helped the musician gained their popularity. There are phasing steps for amateur musician to release their music. They usually have to deal with the record label; which they have 1 OFF contract label. These cost a lot of budget and need a wide networking, while on the internet they Just have to do it at home. There are many musicians became eagerly well known around the music industry; take an example like Coldly and Radioed.

They are musician from UK which made the best use of media websites. Indonesia also has their musicians who are known and famous from the promotion on the internet. White Shoes and The Couples Company (WAISTCOAT) is a pop-Jazz band from Jakarta. Their genre is not easily acceptable by the local industry so they try the media website to release their songs. Unexpectedly, they became famous outside Indonesia. They had been played at the SSW Festival that held in Texas -it is a prestigious music event which every young musician wanted to play there. WAISTCOAT also got the award of “The 25 Best Bands on

Namespace” from the famous music magazine Rolling Stones. Not only that, they are also chosen by the world’s largest database site -All Music Guide as the one of “The 25 Most Creditworthy Bands in 2006. ” They also have their best listener from America, Australia, and Canada even in Japan. Consider that WAISTCOAT have attracted many music listeners universally, it is a good reputation from the music business on internet. Innovations and Dysfunctions This innovation also brings many advantages for the media social websites. Around 2000 to 2006, there were many websites popping up on internet. Namespace :whom. Namespace. Com), Last (whom. Last. M), Pump Audio (www. Pompadour. Com), Sinusoids (windsocks. Com) are some of websites which facilitates musicians to promote their music through internet. Commonly they provide features like; uploading, streaming, posting, forum and blob. The amount of the internet users helps them to grow the benefit from their website. It determined the profit from the advertisements which interest to take part in the media website, from the sharing- media partner, the pricing membership, and also the paid application. They are grow egger every years since the internet users are more likely being active in keep tracking on their media websites.

There is also a media label in Indonesia which quite well known around the independent music industry, Yes No Wave :whom. Wesleyan. Com). Many independent musicians in Indonesia released their music on this website. This website provides a netball so that musician can easily get promotion; they got a release link, a release page, also they can produce their merchandise. With all of these features, there is a deal between the musician and the media website that the music will be freely uploaded and promoted around the internet.

However, the music business on internet does not always bring the good thing. There is also disadvantage happened -music files piracy. The contradiction about using media website already occurred around 2000. Some sides disagree with the promotion features on media websites because they think it would kill the music industry. The major record labels are might also afraid of this; their rates would drown slowly if the using of media websites are keeps increasing. The musician actually has the same problem, that their original files would be hacked and spread caught a thief.

Because this is an internet world, it is universal, the doer cannot easily track and it may need times. The people who consume the illegal download could sue by the law, also the people who pirates the original files and upload it without permit. Iris brings disadvantages for the musician, because they will lose some of their benefits from the promotion on the internet. But somehow, this internet activity still makes benefits for many parties. Conclusion The progress and the development of internet in terms of information sharing have a lot to make changes in music business.

Many media websites creates new talented musician who cannot enter the major label to promote their music. This new Nay of music distribution makes benefits for the musicians who are not capable in budget to promote their music. People Just need to provide their selves an internet connection and they can make promotion universally through internet. The music listener is also got the advantages; they can easily browse and download their favorite music. While at the real music store they have to pay for the physic form SD and cassette), on internet they Just have it for free.

These are the reason why the numbers of the internet users is increasing. Some can do the business and some Just enjoy the free stuff they got from internet. Just like a knife that has two sides, music business on internet also has both advantage and disadvantage. Some people Just got it wrong, they dysfunction the Internet to spread music illegally. They hacked the original music files and spread it illegally through internet. The problem is, there are some music listeners consume this illegal download. This act surely inflicts the musician benefits and the valid Edie websites.