Firstly by looking at a micro and macro environmental view point using arioso analysis models a better understanding can be made of the music industry in its current state. Once establishing the fundamentals areas by which record labels can advance objectives will be set and followed by promoting and distributing an up and coming artist to her target audience. This record label Is called Mystical Records and currently manages one, up and coming artists called Thiele.

Thiele is originally from Mauritius, however is now based in the UK and is looking for her big break. Back at home in Mauritius she has be compared with the likes of Shakier and Whitney Houston due to her singing style. Thiele is an urban artist, producing songs in a range of genres from R&B to Danceable. She has made a name for her self back in Mauritius, and now feels that is time to tackle the International markets In particular to the UK and US music markets. 2. 0 Analysis The music industry will be analyses through both a macro and micro environmental aspect.

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The macro environment will be analyses using a PEST analysis, therefore determining all external factors of the music Industry. Examining legal factors concerning illegal downloaded which are affecting record label sales, and to establish any government action taken to tackle this problem. Economic factors will be analyses In terms of income and revenue of artists and record labels. The most important element being the technological factors which are also heavily influencing social factors within the music industry, through recent developments in social and mobile networks.

As fans communicate and get involved with their favorite artists online offerings they are said to be in the process of online word of mouth. (Appendix 7). ; The changes in chart rules, allow up and coming artists to make their big break, this is through including online downloads to be which is allowing fans to have more control and influence over music. (Appendix 9). ; As selling CDC is no longer enough to generate revenue, many other formats have been given better consideration, such as rhinestones, concerts and video games. Each of these formats plays a part in influencing social groups and fans.

For example rhinestones can portray a person’s music taste which in turn can relate to that persons social group. Concerts are a more traditional format where fans gather in a social showed a mass growth in the music industry, which linked music with intellect and in turn with social status. With classical and Jazz music being linked with those who are intellectually elite, while pop and rock seemed to be linked with the general population. ; As the 20th Century developed, so did music in terms of their being more variations of genres.

For example in the sass the emergence of ‘progressive rock. (Appendix 7). Through developments across the world, in particular with technology and communications there have been changes in the style and influence of music. With musical influences coming from African, Jamaican, Latin American and Asian music through various means of media coverage all effecting social changes. ; Through increases in the number of university students there has also been a huge surge within the clubbing industry. This social activity has therefore lead there to be direct link with music.

Larger clubs offer a range of music genres each in separate rooms; where as smaller clubs play certain genres of music catering to the crowds’ sates. 2. 1. 4 Technological Factors ; Technology has changed dramatically in recent years and has taken the world by storm, in particular within the music industry. An example of this was the introduction of online software called Anapest, which was the first POP sharing system. ; The recent developments in online social networks has allowed for there to be an added communication method between record labels and their artists’ fans.

Every MI artist now has a Namespace page allowing fans to swap news and post stories, share their video clips taken live from their mobile handsets. (Appendix 4). Digital technology specifically has grown at alarming rates; video directors now have to create their productions so that they play well with mobile devices with 2 inch screens. (Appendix 4). ; There are increasing range of formats by which music sold in this new digital era, for example USB singles and mobile packages. (Appendix 4). ere advance of new technology is making is easier for record company marketers to target large portions of the youth and adult markets, through mediums such as social and mobile networks. (Appendix 5). ; The number of MPH player inventions has also urged in recent years with market introductions of the Apple pod and the Sony River. In this case a large majority of the music is downloaded via POP networks. There are increasingly becoming more and more formats where music can be applied to. (Appendix 7). New technologies have influenced relationships in the music industry greatly, as artists become more independent the major record labels are loosing out, and the fans are dictating what they want from music and having more communication with artists. (Appendix 8). ; Music downloaded to computers, mobile phones and any other digital device are all now calculated when establishing USIA charts due to their large presence in this modern era. Information and communication technology has created a new platform for music. (Appendix 11 & 12). ; The digital era has largely affected the methods by which music is created and performed.