Professor and class, Yes, I think the internet hurts more than helps artist. Before the Internet, artists were selling their Cad’s and everything was fine. Since the Internet, many problems arrived. Ten years ago, the biggest record labels were worried about online piracy. Fearing piracy and seeing the fall in the CD sales, they decided to license their records to new online services. The idea was to use a new technology, share music while collecting small fees and discourage fans from stealing music online.

But It didn’t work as most f the listeners hear free music online because It Is much cheaper than purchasing music. Nevertheless, many people (like myself) are aware of the fact that these artists make a living off their album so if they really like it they will decide to buy it on tunes. I believe that some artist may have difference in opinion simply because they actually understand that not everyone will have $9. 99 to purchase their album. Most of the artist that I listen to have a “rags to riches” story and can empathic with lower

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Income Individuals. I recently purchased some of the artist J. Coles songs via Tunes and in one of his songs entitled “Note to Self” basically said, he did not care if only two people bought the album, he just felt proud of himself as an artist. It is not all about money to some (very few actually) of these artist. To that artist that is more after the money, I guess they would take the position that technology does in fact hinder them, however to someone like J. Cole, he would say. It has no barring.