Lady Saga’s eccentric attire and attitude had captured the attention of many fans. Sagas (3) hit songs had captured the imagination of many. ; Producer Vincent Herbert signed Lady Gaga to fame. Famous producer of Streamline Records; Vincent Herbert approached Lady Gaga and ad her sign on.

Being under Herbert production company she had (3) hit songs under “The Fame” album. Lady Gaga had been capturing the Imagination of many fans with her eccentric style, make up, and music. Weaknesses: experience that many of the other music artists had. ; Lady Gaga had only streamlined and toured the club scene not giving her the exposure she needed in front of the bigger crowds. On October 2008 she opened up for the all boy band known as New Kids on the Block, her experience was very minimal because she had no real concert exposure to really bring her name out and playing in front of the big rowdy of+/- ask fans.

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All of Lady Saga’s exposure was mainly performing in the night club scene. Opportunities: Social Media Marketing: Backbone Twitter Lady Gaga manages her own (Backbone and Twitter) accounts. This is to ensure that whatever information gets inputted is by her only and no one else. I believe this is how she keeps track of quality control. O Should Lady Gaga continue in utilizing the social media it would only be to her benefit on creating a stronger fan base and so those that are worthy followers continue to follow her whether it is on an everyday, “eek or monthly basis. Digital Marketing: Lady Gaga has a digital marketing team who is responsible in making sure that her content is being promoted by other forms of media. Threats: Other Artists: Lady Gaga would have to compete against some of those artists who have attracted and developed a large fan base in the music industry. ; Being a new up and coming artist she would have to differentiate herself from all of the other music artists who have already been established and have fans following them. ; The Compact Disc market has declined due to other ways and means that one can attain now a days.

These days one can easily download a song or an album depending on Nat their preference may be. Lady Gaga has developed and created her own image and brand that has completely set her apart from all other artists. Performing solo without Kenya West is probably a DOD idea for her to get all the attention that will be needed to kick off her career and giving her a place to compete with the big name artists. Lady Gaga is a well-known name and has a very strong way it positions itself in the target market.

Her live performance of “Paparazzi” was ended with a standing ovation from the audience. The performance at the VIM awards sent her to the next level according to Campbell. Lady Saga’s production and management team was deliberating Neither to take the plunge into the 25 concert tour that was originally scheduled En Kenya West was the main star but after the stunt he pulled at the awards that automatically put a haul to the producers in the business and possibly affecting Lady Saga’s rise to stardom.

Option 2: Develop a smaller, theater tour – and adjust the economics accordingly o An option that the production and management team for Lady Gaga may want to sibyl look into may be performing for a venue not as large as the one they previously had in mind going on tour with Kenya West. I know they want to be as conservative as much as possible but feel they need to take that risk and Jump into it big if they want her to hit stardom quicker than ever. If she was making positive progress performing in the club scene put yourself in her shoes and imagine what could happen if she is unleashed into a bigger audience.

While Lady Gaga is a hot item right now then you need to keep it going while it lasts. Option 3: Cancel any tour plans I do not think that canceling the tour is a positive way for Lady Gaga to move forward in. Lady Gaga had Just won Best New Artist, Best Special Effects, and Best Art Direction; so all of this is currently fresh on the peoples mind and believe that continuing the tour alone is in her best interest. If she does not continue on with the tour it may possibly hinder her career being that this may be the only one shot she may be ever getting. Tryingly feel that it is in the best interest for the production and management team o move forward with the solo tour. Should her team decide in moving forward with this I think this will be great timing for her name to branch out even more and make stronger name for herself in the music industry. Her production and management team needs to understand that she has Just won Best New Artist, Best Special Effects, and Best Art Direction and all of these should help her position herself strategically in all areas that she will be performing in for her tour. This timing is perfect for her to make a strong name for herself.