Displaying musical skill in vocals, IANA, and percussion (Net Industries, 2011. Para) as well as his outstanding ability to manage and multicast, describing himself as an “overachiever(Enrolment, 2003. Para 8. ), Reid fits all the requirements for a successful career in the music industry. However what set’s him apart from the rest, is his infamous ability know talent when he see’s it. Despite being unable to describe exactly how he obtained such a skill in the industry, stating, “It’s something that I feel when I meet an Industries, 2011.

Parasol), It Is without saying that he has proven his ability to recognize star- laity when he can see It. This is evident through his countless triumphs In his career, discovering successful artists such as Toni Brannon, TTL, usher and Pink, Just to name a few. (Net Industries, 2011. Parasol&11) Reed’s unique sense of knowledge In the music industry, along with his other attributes, distinguishes him from others in the music industry, and has helped his success. His passion for all genres of music, having grasped the importance of musical diversity, has set him apart from others in his line of work.

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Not only Is this something that I admire in Reid, but also it is meeting that I wish to apply to my own career in the entertainment industry, and hope to obtain enough experience and knowledge to strengthen a sense of understanding of what can be successful music. I feel that my diverse passion for all genres of music, similarly to Reid, will help me succeed In this business also. L. A Reid has maintained a steady rise In the music Industry Essentially, a 40-year Journey brought Reid to where he Is today. The sass saw him appear with funk rock band Pure Essence, and then with band The Dell in the 1 sass. Enrolment, 2003. Para) However the more significant portion of his long-run career in music business began in 1989, with the establishment of Leafage Records in association with Clive Davis’ Arises Records. (Enrolment, 2003. Para) This period of time saw Reid use his skilled talent radar’ to discover music legends Usher, Toni Brannon, TTL, Outcast and Circa, and his diversity helped bring about the more unexpected sounds of Pink and April Leaving into the mainstream music industry. (Alexander, 2000. Para 5) Reid was appointed CEO and President of Arises Records in 2000, and remained in this position until 2004. Enrolment, 2003. Para 8) Between 2004 and 2011, Reid has held a position as Chairman and CEO of The Island Deft Jam Music Group, reviving the career of Maria Carrey, and playing a key role In the success of Kenya West, Iranian and most recently Justine Bibber. (Enrolment, 2003. Para 10) He now plans to become a Judge on the U. S. *Factor, and has stepped down from his position with Island Deft Jam. Positions, striving to succeed and testing his limits in the music industry through the risks he has taken creatively. Having obtained executive positions, his management Tyler has mainly been in delegation.

Having worked with multi-million dollar companies in his career, his role progressively surrounded most of the talent sourcing being done by others, and his ‘stamp of approval’ sealing record deals. Antonio L. A. Reid has always approached talent in the music industry with an open mind, evident when he recently stated how important it is to “keep the doors open and the lights on, and a star will walk in”. (Haltering, 2011. Appear) As stated, Reid found himself to have an ability to recognize star-quality, and hence he chose to only

Nor with artists whom he believed had the potential to be successful. Reed’s experience and diverse understanding of both the artistic side and business side of the industry meant that he has always been able to develop artists with potential so as to transform them into mainstream wonders. (Haltering, 2011. Para 1) However, Reid has demonstrated an understanding in managing artist creativity, allowing artists under his span of control to delve into new creative outlets, as seen with Pink’s Misunderstood’, and Airman’s ‘Rated R’. (Enrolment, 2003. Para 14)

Although many can attribute the success of Antonio ‘L. A. ‘ Reid to luck, it would be far too much of a coincidence that each artist guided by him has in fact been associated Ninth an abundance of success. Hence, it is far more likely that Reed’s knowledge and understanding of the music business has credited his Judgment in identifying talent, and in becoming perhaps the most successful music executive the business has seen. Reid has existed in the industry for long enough to witness shifts and changes in the industry, and has without a doubt faced a variety of challenges in his sections.

However having worked mainly in executive positions, Reid has been associated mainly with correcting the issues of those before him and bettering the company in his hands. Perhaps the greatest example of this is, is seen in Reed’s succession of Clive Davis’ throne at Arises Records, where Davis hired Reid so as to ‘usher in a new era” in a label that was ready for change, bringing it to success. Alexander, 2000. Section 2) For Reid, challenges surrounded evolving the labels he associated himself with. In addition to this however, Reid constantly faces challenged

En taking on producing roles with albums under his labels, as his creativity and innovative talents are tested in It can however be said that Reid may not have achieved the same executive success as easily had he begun his career in a more modern setting, as many of the positions he obtained in the early years of his career Newer not as highly demanded as they are today. In essence, competition today is much greater than it was in the past. In conclusion, Antonio ‘L. A. ‘ Reid can be regarded as one of the most influential and admirable executives in the music industry.