Internet Piracy has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the U. S. Alone more than 100 songs are downloaded every minute. With this growing problem, 3 main groups suffer. The recording artist suffers financially, the ARIA (The Recording Association of America) also suffers financially and finally the downloaded suffers if caught. This catch 22 tool has been a thorn In the side of technology since Its Introduction In 1999. Since then, downloading- or peer-2-peer sharing- has become one of the worst acts of technology affecting the world at large.

Since the introduction of Anapest back in the year 2000, many more PEP sharing outworks have been invented to keep the illegal industry alive that left the ARIA in a fix. However, in the light of such programs there has also been uproar of other legal PEP programs that offer the same speed for a price. Many people don’t believe in paying a price to get their music. The ARIA, which collectively represents every major and minor artist out in the market right now has been slapped with programs taking profits from the artist as well as the industry It self.

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In an effort to control pirating, the ARIA, according to an article in Information Week, the ARIA has been trying to reassure people to stop downloading by sending out more than “… 400 letters to 13 U. S. Unlettered advising of potential copyright Infringement lawsuits against students… ” (Degrade. 2007. ) The Issue here Is though, the letters are Just half the solution. What happens to the finances of the artist. Times have changed and unlike back in the time of a young Michael Jackson, artists don’t make their money in music sales.

It used to be- before the threat of PEP networks- that records were being certified 8 and 10 times platinum because of sales. Now a days artists like Maria Carrey, who had a 2005 comeback debut with the Emancipation of Mimi, make the majority of their profits with the sale of tickets for concerts. Maria Carrey who experienced international success with the album went on to get a certification of three times platinum with In Just two months of release. (Billboard. 2007. ) This certification however doesn’t take into consideration the number of downloads that were happening before the release up to the date of certification.

As the ARIA cracks down on scaring people to get their act together and to purchase songs legally, other orgasm like tunes, the operating program behind the pod and also one of the main (legal) online music providers in the world, has provided an inexpensive way to legally get songs from an internet based program with out all the repercussions of dealing with the ARIA. Although it’s more common now to use tunes as a music staple, there are people who despite the legality and popularity of the program prefer and advertise the use of the compact disc in its entirety.

In An article by Valerie Block of Crannies New York Business, she states that’s she wasn’t into the free and dangerous downloading websites and programs (Block. 007. ) But as tunes became so popular, she enjoyed the ease of “… Buying singles for 99 cents and albums for 10 bucks. ” Like Block, many consumers don’t enjoy forking over almost twenty dollars for a disc of material when In fact all they want Is one song. Doug Morris, who Is the head of universal Music Group, wants to- as said by Block- “weaken the four-year-old e-tailed;s (tunes’) grip on digital music sales. (Block-2007. ) Just as are also people who believe that programs like tunes are taking away the meaning of the entire piece of material by Just downloading single tracks. Personally, as someone who has been downloading music from both tunes and Ares Pro, I fail to see why it would affect the artist in such a manner. To my knowledge, all the artist cares about is the opportunity for their fans to enjoy their material and also to be able to make a profit from it.

Block, who is an avid tunes downloaded states that rapper turned business mogul Jay-Z has refused to put his latest work in the tunes store. (Block. 2007. ) The rapper who Just released a theme C. D. Called American Gangster based on the theme of the movie featuring Denned Washington, stated in he article, “his album should be purchased in its entirety, like, say, a Picasso”. (CTD. In check. ) The issue of downloading programs legality has- in my opinion- been blown Nay out of proportion in many ways.

These efforts don’t do anything for the artists, as they are depriving the consumers a chance to enjoy the material that the artist have Nortek hard for them to enjoy. Besides, who is the recording industry kidding, no matter the amount of downloads that go on in a day, artists still make money. Between every time a song is played on the radio, played as an advertisement stunt the next Pentane commercial, modeling gigs and appearances and other business endorsements they are making more money than many people.