Cassandra out university of Phoenix In our society today, there is a growing number of consumers using the Internet as a main source for music. The smaller music companies are having to come up with new and different ways to use the Internet to increase their sales. The music companies can drive there sales because so many people are previewing songs online by downloading it first. The artists are also able to capitalize on their music via the Internet. The Internet is capable of reaching all types of people all over the world.

The music Industry has been made more accessible by expanding on-based outlines such as the Internet. The artists that have not been signed with anyone find that the Internet gives a great platform to make their music known (Ivies, 2004). With the artists able to put their songs on the Internet for the public to download, they can attain a wider fan base. Many artists, like Madonna, offer free streams and downloads off their new albums before they are released. Artists, like Madonna, realize the positive potential of free music.

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In the long-term, album sales increase access and exposure of the out of print music, greater influence of independent, and other lesser known artists. The rise of lesser known artists may change the inure soundtrack of the music industry, as many of these artists do not concentrate on making music they know people will buy, but rather music they will think is good. This recognition allows the more obscure form of music, which is considered outside the mainstream, to receive some coverage.

These artists flourish with the awareness downloading can give them because the more people who know a product, the better hat product will sell at concerts, on eBay, and various online stores (Positive Effects, 2006). “The benefits to recording artists is that they can earn higher royalties by cutting out the middleman,” ( Bane, p. 28). When Radioed had released their new album on October 3, 2000, it was number one on the billboard charts. This album was full of heavy electronics, ambient, and experimental Jazz influence, this was not like any other album that has never been produced.

All of this done without any interviews, music videos, touring, and radio play. The reason it became number one as from all the downloading on the Internet. The music companies were afraid that this would have kept people from buying the album, but this was not the case. With music more accessible online, it gives the public a chance to expand and experiment with the unknown artists. This allows the public to hear new artists and either buy the new album they downloaded or other albums by the same artists. People all over the world can expand from their culture and what they were brought up on.

They can access the Internet and hear music from all other walks of life. Even the songs no longer in print can be heard on the Internet. Music downloading is one way the public can access the “dead” songs. Artists from the ass and ass that only came out with one song can be found on the Internet. These artists were labeled “One hit wonders”. The Internet helps people realize Just how important music is to everyone. 1 OFF the fastest way to receive music. The public can also save money by downloading the songs first, before they buy the album. Having the songs downloaded lets the people know whether they will like it or not.

It is also stated that having free downloads available will help to increase the popularity of the artists. “The ability to have at {Our finger tips virtually every song title that is in print allows consumers to do much greater catalog shopping than at a retail store,” (Bane, p. 28). Before the Internet, the smaller music companies were not able to promote many of their artists like the big music companies could. The bigger companies like Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Song BMW Music Entertainment, etc. , have the big dollars to promote all f their artists.

Because the Internet has caught on, all of the music companies can promote everyone. Even the little companies can do this. Hopefully, the music industry will look at this as a blessing in disguise for the underground labels. Looking at this in the short-term of things, downloading music could hurt the music Industry and their profits. However, later down the line, it will eventually benefit them. In a study done by Ipso-Reid, it shows that 81% of the public that download music, often spend at least the same on records or even more than they did before unloading music from the Internet.

The record industry must concentrate on offering value to the user and adapt to the publics needs (Ivies, 2004). The music industry should try to realize that the ideas behind free downloads can benefit them. Rhea should do what they can to market more from it, rather than turning their noses Jp at the technology behind it. They should realize that they waste more money on fighting the sites that offer free downloads and lobbing Congress to stop the downloading, they should build a system in which all music is readily available free.

Making sites with easy to follow links to other online music store so that the people can buy music from the same place that they listen to it. With music industry coming into the light of the Internet, they will be able to capitalize on the marketing possibilities. The music artists are already using the Internet to help promote their music. Most of them has allowed their music to be on the Internet and downloaded for free. The artists know this will boost their sales for concerts and their merchandise.