When I picked up the book Make the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland, I could not help but form a negative opinion about it. I thought, “Great. Here is another book trying to tell me how to generically make my life better. ” I looked up at Ms. Purser with a sneer and pessimistic thoughts running through my head. As soon as I began reading the first chapter, though, my opinion turned on Its head. This was proving to be a book written from a real persons perspective.

Instead of click Instructions on owe to improve my life, I was reading the story off man who came up in the ghetto, but changed his mentality and began leading a successful life. Every chapter hit me hard in a deferent way and made me rethink my entire future. Make the Impossible Possible has without a doubt changed the way I live my life and has struck a hidden, reflective, and rare view about my past experiences and my fight to overcome adversity and make something out of myself. In my lifetime, I have had a handful of mentors like Frank Ross. The one man who has truly changed my life Is Coach Hendricks.

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Hendricks was my high school softball coach for the first three years of my high school career. The summer before my senior year, he left Russell County and went to Central High School. When he told the team the news, I cried my heart out. As a softball coach, he taught me more about the game than all the other coaches In my life have combined. He helped me truly understand the game and did everything he could to Improve my game more every day. As a life coach, he carried me through the toughest period of my life. During my sophomore and Junior years of high school, my home life crumbled.

I lost the relationships with both of my parents while drugs and attempted suicides were Introduced Into my family life. I was even homeless and living out of a garage for a few months. Coach Hendricks worked with me around court dates and sporadic circumstances. He also gave me advice and words of encouragement that have carried with me to this day. He became the one man in my life that I could depend on and Indirectly took over the role of a father when my own walked out on me. I thank God every day that he put such an amazing man in my life.

Relationships like these are so vital because they emanate such a positive impact on one if not both of your lives. The change that results from these relationships ay very well be the best thing to ever happen to you. I can only pray that every single person in the world finds a bond like Bill Strickland and Frank Ross or Coach Hendricks and l. Everyone needs a mentor who can turn his or her life upside down and construct a new perspective. If we could all just find that one thing that gives us hope, we would be able to see all of the opportunity that Lies before us.

Special people Like Frank Ross and Coach Hendricks can show us the bright sides of life, even when our worlds are black. 1 OFF Mould even guess that I am about to write a few paragraphs about how softball puts me in the swing of life. In a sense, that is true. I used to have a deep love for softball and every time I swung the bat or made a play it put me in my zone. August of this {ear changed all of that, though. August 3, 2013 my rap group, The Circle, had our first concert. It was small and short, but it was the greatest day of my life so far.

We had seven people show up and we ate hot dogs and played music until it got dark. En did covers of songs, played around on guitar and piano, and performed our original songs for our minuscule audience. It probably does not seem like much to anyone else, but something about performing for the first time in that backyard made e feel invincible. When I am playing guitar and singing or rapping original lyrics it takes me too completely different world. I get the same effect when I write songs. I could listen to instrumentals all day and write bar after bar.

The only true way to express myself is through writing. My mom and teachers always told me that I am a good writer, and by finding a way to combine the fulfillment of writing and my love for music, I have found a way to escape this world and go to one that is all my own. These swing moments happen almost every day when I put my headphones in and listen to beats. Words come flowing out of me and when I put them too rhyme, magic happens. I catch myself rambling on about these moments when I write, but the truth is that words cannot even begin to accurately describe those moments.

If I need to get away from reality, I Just pick up my guitar and play a few chords or put my headphones in and play an instrumental. I owe every proud moment of my life to these swing moments. It might be weird, but in a way these moments make me a better person. They define me. Making pottery simply changed Bill Strickland life. His ability to make something out of nothing with a ball of clay made him see attention. For the first time in his life, he saw the opportunity to form something great with his own two hands. He grabbed hold of the raw potential the clay proved to be and tried to make it extraordinary.

Strickland did not realize how much the other aspects of his life had been weighing him down until he worked with the clay. Making pottery gave him Joy, the opposite reaction he got from his surroundings. For once in his life, he found a way to be happy by molding greatness with his bare hands. I have had the privilege of having a pottery moment in my life. A pottery moment is one moment that changes your life forever and gives you a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. These moments are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences and something you will never forget. Mine, for instance, has to do with rap.

When I started out rapping, it was horrendous. My lyrics were below-average and my delivery was choppy and lacking confidence. One day in my bathroom, I could not get the song “Same Love” by Mackerel and Ryan Lewis out of my head. The beat was so catchy, in fact, that I started writing a rap to it. A week later, I had a three verse song recorded and finalized that enabled me to tell my story about being gay. When went to my friend Coach’s house to record it, he fell in love with my version of the song. He has always been my number one fan, so that coming from him made me feel good, but not great.

When he put the song on the internet though, listeners loved it. Getting compliments from fans telling me how inspiring that song was and how good off rapper I am gave me an incredible feeling that is incomparable. Now in this world. I have always been so doubtful of myself but writing raps and playing guitar and singing give me pride in myself that I have never experienced before. I gain fans every day and it is the most amazing feeling. I write music for other people, not myself. I can share my stories and feelings through songs and all I can ever hope for is to touch people’s lives.

If they are feeling down or in a deep dark place, I want them to be able to listen to my music and know that I have been there too and that there are always brighter days. When people listen to my songs, I want them to experience that high and self confidence I feel when I write them. I want them to feel me, feel my heart, because I put my heart into every song. My self confidence has gone through the roof, and it is all thanks to my pottery moment. The phrase “falling wrought the cracks in the ghettos trapdoors” refers to something that you know you need to do or a goal you have set for yourself that keeps tripping you up along the way.

My trapdoor is getting in shape and having my body look the way I want it to. Over the past few years, my weight has been a reallocates. I have been anywhere from 150 pounds to 180 pounds. Although one of the factors of my weight is what is happening to me emotionally at the time, I believe that there is no excuse for not having my dream body. I sometimes go through phases of exercise when I start trimming down, but one thing or another always ends up interrupting. Getting myself in shape and staying that way is one thing that I keep starting to do, but I end up falling through every time.

I am not the type of person to complain about my weight to other people or try to draw attention to myself by getting in shape. I am not doing it for anyone else; I am doing it for myself. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and look at myself and be proud of how I look. It does not matter to me if anyone else likes the way I look. I am not going to lie and say that I am not a people pleaser though. Most of the time, I care more about other people’s feelings and pinions more than my own. I Just believe that this is my body, my temple, and I want to please myself and God with it.

My physical body is the one thing that everyone else in this world has no say-so in. At the end of the day, I am the only one who controls what I look like. Although getting my body to my own visual satisfaction is a major trapdoor for me, I am working hard every day to change that. I have been through too much in my life and I am too strong off person to fall short of myself. If there is anyone in this world that I refuse to disappoint, it is me. In Bill Strickland iris semester of college, he struggled tremendously. He did not understand how all of his classmates understood the lectures and took efficient notes.

After ending the first semester with a C-minus average and begging admissions to let him redeem himself, he turned his note-taking and study skills on their heads. He began to talk to his classmates and Join study groups. He gradually started understanding the structure in the classrooms and by the end of the second semester, his name was on the Dean’s List. He had to work his butt off to do it, but Strickland managed to figure out college and excel in his studies. My first semester of college has been a tough one. When I started college, I knew it would be completely different from high school.

The workload would be much heavier, excuses would not be accepted, and more responsibility would be required from me. I also knew that adding softball to the mix would make things even harder on me. I was right about everything, but it still manage my time correctly. I still have trouble with it, but my time management has improved tremendously since I began college. I have also had to learn how to study efficiently. In high school, I rarely had to study and when I did, it was quick and easy. Ninth the new heavy workload in college, there is so much more information to learn. Eve had to learn the best way for me to study and to set aside time to fully commit to schoolwork. Juggling all of these things that go along with college is hard, but luckily for me I have some great support. I have had two great professors that really got me going in college and have helped me figure out what I am doing. I could not be more thankful for them. My first semester of college has been a great learning experience. Even though it was hard, I needed it to get me on the right track to “here I need to be mentally and educationally.

Life is all about change, and Jazz is the same way. There are so many changes that occur in both life and Jazz, some of them are foreseen and some of them are completely unexpected. The little snags in my life seem to occur almost daily. I like to plan things out and know what is going on when and who is doing it. As we all know though, plans do not always go as we want them to. I am learning to Just go Ninth the flow day by day and improvise in different and maybe even better ways. I am also learning to appreciate the chance occurrences.

We must all admit that in some way, we see chance occurrences coming. We even prepare ourselves for these hence occurrences involuntarily in hopes that they do happen one day. If I look back on any outstanding chance occurrences in my past, I realize that I spent some time up to that point preparing myself for that one moment and Just like in Jazz, En that moment came I needed to be ready to deliver. The one thing that Just drives me crazy is unforeseen opportunities. It is not a bad thing, but like I have already stated, I like to know what is going on, so the unexpected is one of my peeves. He more these unforeseen opportunities arise in my life, the more I am learning to truly appreciate them and take advantage of them while I can. That is one of the hardest but most rewarding things to do in life. As I get further along in my college career, the question of my future grows bolder and bolder. I am absolutely determined to chase after my dreams and achieve my heart’s desires. Jazz players follow their instincts and the longings of their hearts and the result is a beautiful, flowing sound that is original and unique. Every one of our footprints on this life is like that.

We will all leave behind a different mark on this world and it is up to us Neither or not that mark is a reflection of our heart, or the result of living complacently and going through the motions. I am, for the most part, a conservative person. I usually do not like to take risks because I strive for perfection. I have had to learn how to gamble though, because sometimes taking a chance is Just what I need to do. Improvisational Jazz is exactly how it sounds; Jazz that is constantly improvised to make new sounds and put different twists on the music.

That is how we have to handle life sometimes. Putting our own spin on things, making things our own, and learning how to handle sudden, dramatic changes and survivable that are thrown at AS gives us the ability to live the most unique and authentic lives possible. In Make the Impossible Possible, Bill Strickland says not to let your goal become your tyrant because doing so turns you into a runner in a predetermined course in which the something that we are working every day to reach, but something that we are living.

My goal is to become a well-known rapper and to make money by making music. Making and performing music are the only things that I can see myself doing every day for the rest of my life. I have a deep passion for music and that drives me to push hard to make something out of myself. I am living my dreams now by making ones and by going to school for music production so that I can learn the technical aspect of the music business. I have already made one mixed tape and I am currently working on my second one.

My rap group The Circle is constantly looking for opportunities to put our music out there so we can be heard. We have sent our tapes out and we are setting up shows so that we have the chance to perform and show people our talent. The one thing that really hit home for me from this novel is that Bill Strickland had a passion and chased it endlessly, even with continuous setbacks. My dream is, by the world’s standards, one of the most ridiculous dreams o have. It is so hard to be discovered and make it big in the music industry.

This book has inspired me to keep chasing and living my dream no matter what the world may say about it. Strickland taught me that I need persistence and patience if I am going to succeed. I cannot allow setbacks and failures to discourage me, but to be a driving force to keep pushing forward. Music is my passion and I am willing to stick Ninth it to accomplish my goals. Bill Strickland and his book Make the Impossible Possible helped me realize that my dreams are in reach and that anything really is possible.