Production in which I will complete a three part coursework assignments of: CIW – Project planning document due on 19th February, equal to 10% of overall module mark. OCW – Project presentation due on 30th April, equal to 60% of overall module mark. OCW – Accompanying 1000 words essay due on 7th May, equal to 30% of overall In this module, we were given the brief to create an original music production, performance or composition portfolio which we will be working on independently.

We are required to produce a musical project on a professional level, displaying originality, depth of Insight and expression of our Individual creative process. We do have the option to collaborate with other musicians, in which case it is essential that we take a leading role in the creation of the final result and can demonstrate this In our work and the accompanying brief. I have chosen to work completely independent and will attempting to stretch my creativity within electronic music production as a

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Music Technology student I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that I achieve the highest level of production and creativity, completely utilizing all the new age technologies that have been development within music production over the last decade as these advances are the very reason I decided to study the technology of music. I have decided my production project will be to create an original Improvised electronic composition using all traditional sonic references derived from multiple style of dance music.

I have chosen this concept as It reflect the new age of popular music within youth culture globally as well as its strong affiliation with the promotion British culture. Which has spawned Influential genres such as mostly recently Dub- step. Firstly, within this essay my aim Is to contextual the process, methods and techniques used during the creation of “MIMIC Instrumental” a contemporary song consisting of a main synthetic lead melody part with four verse sections and a west- coast hip-hop Influenced bridge-section breakdown which carries through to the end f the song. He project, I started the planning and preparations for the production and post production; within these micro-processes I will create the elements of the final song Inch we combined will give me the desires visual and sonic aesthetics that I will be happy to submit as my final work. Vive schedule six, 2-hours studio session in which I Nail in stages work on two 4 minute audio tracks which will fill the 8 minute performance quota as I am submitting a composition my work will be a compiled oratorio of two compositions lasting together no more than 8 minutes.