Culture can be generally defined as the way of life of a people, it refers to the socially learned behaviors, beliefs, and values that the member of a group or society share. (Sees and Succeeds, 2001 , pep). For example, form Struck to Macdonald, American life style is influencing Individuals all around the world in deferent ways. The evidence of these affects Includes the expansion of Hollywood film, fast food and hip-hop music In many countries. The Influence of globalization on music Is significant In China, especially for youth music. For instance, English words are used commonly in

Chinese pop songs and Chinese rock and roll bands are developing; the music styles of hip-hop and R&B have been adopted into Chinese pop songs and have achieved success. In the first part of this essay, I will define the concept of globalization and then go on to discuss it In relation to the change of music by globalization in China through three aspects: the development of accessibility to music In China; the growth of music variety; the development of multi-notational record corporations and international cooperation between recording companies; and the influence of music piracy in China.

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Since the asses, the structure of Chinese music (mainland China) has changed dramatically. Due to the change and development of policies, different types of music were allowed to the public. Pop music especially from Honking and Taiwan became popular in mainland China very rapidly. The popularity of songs for the army, party, communism and revolution since asses were taken over by pop music to a great extent. Since the asses, globalization has developed rapidly because of the development of technologies for communication and transportation.

Because “globalization is entirely cent historical turn” (Schools, 2000, pep), the processes of changes on music structures in China is not a long history. Globalization also has defined the world as ‘a single place” (Featheriness, 1995, pep) regardless of geographic difference. The development of the Internet plays an important role in globalization. It has provided new channel for worldwide communication. The birth of the Internet has become one of the most important conditions for the development of globalization.

As “we are living in an information-rich age” (Chairman, 2007, up), the spread of the Internet has evilly influenced people’s life style. For example, the influence on music, Internet users can upload music from the Internet to share with other people; they can also download music from the Internet; and floggers can keep music in their websites and share with other blob users. In China, the Internet search engine Baud even provides links to other websites for Internet users to download music online.

Internet users can purchase single songs or albums through the Internet at home. For small scale music making, Internet users upload home-made music online to share with there people. The research shows that “it took electricity 50 years to reach 50 million users in the United States, whereas it took radio 38 years, it took personal computers 16 years, it took television 13 years, and it took the Internet Just 4 years. ” (Rice, and Katz, 2004, Pl 22). “Digitally network technology promises to reach a global audience, from anywhere at very low cost. (Seersucker, Slims and Wallis, 2001, UP) In conclusion, due to rapid development of technology in China, the spread of the Internet provides people an online communication environment. Through the improved media channels, including the Internet, Chinese people also gain 10-3-24 promo:28 opportunities to hear more music styles from all around the world. Professional pop singers also adopted foreign music style to Chinese pop songs and achieved success. For example, Chinese singers Coco Lee, Jay Chow and Lemon Wong are three popular Chinese R or Hip hop singers and they all won best songs or best singers in important rewards in China.

Especially Coco Lee, her music style includes American hip hop, r and Chinese pop, which is quite different from other musicians in China. She is the first Chinese who perform in the 73rd Oscar Academy Awards by singing one of the Academy Award nominee for Best Original song. Concert in Los Angles, USA. As Fig 1 shows, she will have a world tour with her latest Mandarin album “East to West”, including to the Americas and other places. Fig 1 . The poster of Coco Lee’s “East to West” gigs In contrast, many foreign singers also hold gigs in China because of the globalization effect.

Not only Asian artists from Korea, Japan and Singapore but also some musicians from European countries have successfully opened their music racket in China (I. E. Black Eyed peas, April Leaving and Beyond). As Fig 2 shows, it is the poster of Bounce’s concert in Beijing, 2009. Fig 2. The poster of Bounce’s Beijing concert 2009 It is the evidence that the new music styles are accepted by Chinese young people and are also becoming a fashion icon. Another example is the spread of hip-hop music in China.

Hip-hop was started in America, however, America is not the only factor that influenced China. Since hip-hop music has been popular in Japan and South Korea, it also influenced the choice of Chinese people. “Japanese hip-hop, Inch began in the asses and continues to develop today, is an intriguing case study for exploring the globalization of popular culture. ” (Condor, 2001 , IPPP) The culture of hip-hop “in dance, rapping, decaying and visual art” (Giddier, 2002, p 210) have Changed young generation’s life style. Hip-pop clubs also appeared in China, especially in cities.

Club culture has changed from prostituting spots in the asses into western style clubs since the asses which are also more open for young people. In addition, hip-hop not only influenced the change of popular music, it also influenced young people’s dress style. The fashion style from Japan and South Korea plays an important role for the fashion trend in China, and thus hip-hop style has become a fashion icon since it is popular in both Japan and South Korea. There is no hop culture on China can be therefore treated as a sample of the desire of getting in touch of western cultures for Chinese young generation.

Apart from the Internet, the development of multi-national music record companies is another reason to affect the change of the Chinese music market. Multi-national music record companies eve entered the Chinese market since the development of globalization. “The Integration of production, exploitation and user one corporate roof (I. E. Multinational publishing, recording, broadcasting and Internet services) thus may reduce the value afforded to music creators and raise competition concerns. (Seersucker, Slims and Annals, 2001, PEP) International record companies and media companies in China offer Chinese people more choices of music products and also a cheaper price. Because multi-national firms take advantage of sharing sources globally, the growth of multi-national record impasses in China has introduced a wider range of music products from other countries and offers the pubic a lower price due to the reduced cost. The increasing market share of international record firms helps the Chinese music product market become more standardized and international.

In addition, multi-national record firms also promote Chinese music in other cultures. However, globalization also has negative effect to Chinese society. Because “technological advancements have made t exceedingly easy to produce greater quantities of pirated merchandise of increasingly high quality’ (Martha, 2005, Pl 19), music piracy is currently very common in China through different channels, especially through the Internet and computer disc. Regulations such as intellectual property protection and copyright are not standardized in China.

As a result, pirated music products are taking profits away from music record labels companies, and also cultivate a culture of consuming pirated music products. Internet music piracy has increased especially rapidly in recent years. For instance, almost all the popular songs from Japan, South Korea, America, I-J and Australia can be found online “without the authorization of their copyright owners” (Church, 2004, up) and most of these songs are free to be downloaded or listened to online. The availability of music products online has changed people’s consumption behavior significantly.

Further more, because of the lack of the legal environment to protect intelligentsia properties and copy-right, a great number of music consumers in China have not yet treated media piracy as same as other traditional crimes, they therefore ignored the follow the copyright protecting regulations. Copyright-friendly norms have been slow to take root in China’s consumer base. ” (Martha, 2005, Pl 19). In conclusion, the influences of creates connections between different cultural groups, which reduces stereotyping and reduces inter-group conflict among different cultures.

For example, n China, new music styles are introduced from other cultures such as Japan, South Korea, America and Europe. At the same time, Chinese folk music and traditional opera has had the opportunities to go to international platforms. The development of the Internet allows people to access music all over the world, which means it revised an advanced music communication channel for Chinese people. The Internet also allows small groups of people to express their music and other creative products.