Music videos also have their own implications. Sq said in an article by Seibel. Com, “If anything, the video simply amplifies what music ‘ideas have been all along: a giant commercial for an artist to sell records with” and this is more than true with Gaga but as well as selling music, music videos are also helping he sell concert tickets. Concerts are where the majority of the money is made in the modern industry due to the increase in piracy. Consequently, her music videos become promotion to her concerts and actively act as a preview of what you can expect from her concert.

An example would be the costume changes throughout her died for telephone. She changes from a telephone headpiece to a leopard print leotard. The multiple costume changes not only put into practice what she preaches but it becomes a preview of what fans can expect from her concerts which is excessive costume changes. This ultimately shows how the more physical products music artists make, the more they are Just trying to increase their sales of other things in the effort to earn more money from their fans.

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The same conclusion could then be drawn from the latest thing of having lyric videos for singles could Just be an encouragement for fans to purchase something else to increase the commercial success for artists and their labels. This raises a more significant implication of how more and more mediums are being created for fans to buy into and the impulsive buying from fans are further increasing the profits made from Gaga as a brand.

Fans tend to buy merchandise and anything with their idols on them in the effort to prove they are the biggest fans and again like music, they are tangible things in which artists sell and no doubt contributed to Saga’s $90 million dollar profit last year :according to Forbes). Ere relationship created by Lady Gaga with her fans is no doubt commercially driven Ninth the intention to pave a way for an increase in sales to maximize the return on investing in Gaga in the first place.

Although it is unknown the exact figure that Gaga earned over the past year, Forbes has estimated her earnings at double her fellow musician Kathy Perry at $90 million with her label, management etc. Earning more. There is no doubt that her record label is the real winner in the relationship, although Lady Gaga isn’t far behind. They both benefit on a material basis in terms of financial return on their investment while Little Monsters only benefit on a sentimental level. Although you can’t put a price on emotional happiness, they get nothing material form the relationship.

In essence, they are being taken advantage of as they are marketing and actively supporting their idol that earns money while they get from the relationship is sentimental value. As well as this many implications from the relationship established between Gaga and her “Little Monsters” can be explored. Others include the use of social media to utilities the skills and dedication of fans for their commercial gain. Implications such as these cement the idea of how the label ND Gaga are definitely the winners of the relationship created via the excellent establishment of Gaga as a media product.

In conclusion, Lady Gaga and her relationship with her audience clearly show the commercial agenda behind the establishment of relationships between the product and the buyer. Several implications can be raised from the relationship particularly “ho benefits. Other implications include fans dependency on their idols such as Saga and also the commercial agenda behind signing talents where the music Industry is becoming more about the personality and brand they can sell rather than he voice or talent.

It is clear that the record label is the real winners who benefit extremely well from the financial success of Gaga as a consumer driven brand. However how long can advocate difference last? Dominating the 2010 Vamp, Gaga hasn’t even received a single nomination this year. But no doubt it will take more than a VIM nomination to break down the important relationship between Gaga and her 30 million strong Little Monsters and no doubt Gaga and her label have a few more tricks up their sleeves for the evolution of the brand that is Lady Gaga for many [ears to come yet.