Company to produce Master Recordings of the Artist’s performances and market these Master Recordings. D. The Company wishes to produce and market the Master Recordings subject to the following terms and conditions Terms and Conditions 1 . The Term of this Agreement starts during the initial period of “Insert Date” during which the Artist and the Company will cooperate to produce Master Recordings suitable for the production of the Album or PEP and will continue for twelve months after the delivery of the Master Recording to allow the Company time o manufacture, market and distribute the product in the Territory. . The Company has the right to extend the Term of Agreement after the Initial Contract Period on the same terms In conditions as the Initial Contract Period. If the Company falls to exercise its option to renew an Optional Period the agreement will be deemed to be completed and fulfilled. 3. With any additional option periods and extensions the Company will relate these as periods referred toast additional “Terms Production 4.

The company agrees to Produce Master Recordings consisting of songs written ND performed by the Artist. The resulting recording will include music of not less than 3 minutes in playing duration and will consist of not less than 12 tracks, and will be of a quality which Is at least equal to Industry standard for commercial distribution 5. Each Recording made will be subject to the Company’s approval for manufacture and sale of industry standards. The artist agrees to re-record a record Exclusivity 6.

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The Artist will not re-record, remix, reproduce, manufacture or distribute or make available or allow to be made available in any manner any of the recordings or impositions generated under this agreement within 3 months after the termination of this agreement. Costs 7. The Company will pay for all the recording costs that are reasonable and generally accepted in the industry including, but not limited to, cost of producer, arranger, studio time, background musicians, as well as reasonable costs related to Album cover art, production and promotion.

Selection Control 8. Selections in the agreement will be chosen in the Joint discretion of the Artist and Company. The Artist may submit material at all times. Copyright 9. The Company and parties authorized by the company will have the right to secure copyright in the Company’s name as owner and author on any and all Master Recordings made under this Agreement and to renew such copyright in the Company’s name in perpetuity.

Distribution 10. The Company will have the exclusive rights to control over the distribution, promotion, and use of the Master Recordings throughout the Territory. Royalties 1 1 . The Company will endeavor to enter into a distribution agreement in order to commercially exploit the Recordings made under this agreement. The Company will collect the royalties and licensing fees with respect to the distribution of the recordings.