Recording Industry Known as Music Industry People In the Industry Involved- Artists, songwriters, composers and many more. An Industry that uses songs to earn money Commercialese the arts. Recording Industry There are more than 200 recording company In Malaysia. Sony BMW Rock Record MI (Malay;a) Halo Music Warner Music Recording Industry Association Malaysia(RIM) RIM is a national trade association RIM also is also protecting the local and international sound, music video, karaoke recordings.

Principles of Medal Ethics How does RIM help the local recording company RIM wants another file sharing site blocked The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) has called on the Government to ban another file-sharing site – Jawing. Org. It claimed that the site specializes in providing pirated Malaysian music recordings Norms of Recording Industry Bring positive message to the people. -Mass Communication should motivate and bring positive information to the mass society.

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Copyright protection -Audio watermarking “Downloading music illegally is like stealing someone’s intellectual property and aging it without an agreement in exchange of rights for money’ Michael Mathew ‘Availability of digital media for music recordings and the possibility to transfer it fast and degradation-free would not only offer many benefits in terms of market expansion, but also expose their business to a great danger which is the piracy of intellectual property rights. ” T.

Dugout, F. Marques, Applied Signal Processing Expectation to Recording Industry Entertainment ;leisure time -kill time Express the inner feeling through music ‘Human are subconsciously moved by the emotion of music” Dave Allen 2009 Cloud System ;Instant access to the music Free MPH ‘Never under estimate the power of a free MPH” Dave Allen 2009 Expectation to No vulgar/harsh words in the recording ‘Using bad words and violence in lyrics, educate unhealthy context to underage children.

Local music starts to fade Local artists face many challenges Media Ethics Recording industry cater to get funding/finance/market instead of their social responsibility; Opinion Support the local industry Illegal Downloading Ethics Not Harming Others, Honoring the Property Rights including Copyright and Patents ;Case Study Sobering Jay Bistro Owner Opinion Unethical A little bit Necessary Little Financial Support Less Local Music Poor Quality Productions Case Study Jason Lo (Local Artist) – Own Finance Local Radio Stations Provide more chances for the Local Industry Poor Quality Low response from the public