Many people are still perplexed how you are my love’ (a very popular song on the internet in China) has become popular, which is also considered cheesy from the view point of some mainstream recording industries and organizations. According to Ghana, CEO of the Idol Entertainment Ltd, this represents neither a retrogression of society, nor a down step In terms of culture. It Is normally a reflection of the current music market, which is to satisfy the consumers’ demands fundamentally. In fact, music online is currently receiving both profit and widespread acclaim, drawing lines tit recording industry and traditional music profit modal (Ghana, 2006). This report alms to give knowledge about several evolutions that have been created in the digital music industry in China, and additionally, to consider some feasible steps to enhance this industry. In order to complete it, several evolution in China’s digital music industry, such as, the wave of TV competition, the change In the scope consumer, and so on, will be mentioned, and dependable steps will be explained.

II. Brief introduction of digital music industry It is too difficult to find out the exact time and place the music first appeared in unmans. In brief, It can be sure that music has been Influencing people for thousand years. According to electronic technologies, people have been being to keep music on records since 200 years ago (Hung, 2007). In 1877, Thomas Edison invented sound retention technology which can capture songs. Soon afterwards, the gramophone was created, which support people to save music.

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In 1987, MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MPH) was first Invented, which has ability to satisfy more storage and lead us to a new generation of music called digital music (Hung, 2007). Over the 5-year time, from 2005 to 2010, the Chinese music Industry has faced Its age challenges because of the advanced Internet connection (Kennedy, 2010). Comparing with traditional modals, convenience is the biggest change brought about by digital music. On the file-sharing networks, digital music files can be easily found, which also can be translated to be a compression (MPH, PDF, AVIVA and so on) and exchanged online In a short time (Ghana, 2006).

However, people nowadays can conveniently enjoy different types of music using modern tolls (PC’s and handset music players like MPH player, mobile phone). In addition, since digital music was out f blending with physical products, technology companies (Apple’s tunes and pod, Real networks, Microsoft), online content providers (Yahoo! , Launch, Bald), traditional stores (Amazon, Walter), have acted new roles to sell digital music to consumers on line and created more new areas in digital music industry as well (Ailing & Petit, 2006).

A. Digital music sale In 2006, the sales volume for global digital music increased sharply, which was near Kennedy, 2006). The digital revenues of music companies grew around 12% globally in 2009 totaling USED 4. 2 billion. Some specialists expect that the total value of digital USIA will hit USED 15 billion by 2010, around 25% of total market sales, while the traditional record CD music market will decrease from USED 27. 3 billion to SUDSY. 6 billion. (Kennedy, 2010) In China, the total sales value of digital music reached ARM 3. Billion in 2005, which Nas the first time it exceeded the traditional music market. In the follow years 2007-?2008), the sales volume of digital music reached ARM 5. 8 billion and ARM 8. 1 billion respectively (Ghana, 2006). During the period between 2006 and 2010, the development of digital music has been on the fast track especially when 36 application has provided an unprecedented power for digital music in China :Kennedy, 2010). Ill. The evolution of China’s digital music industry A.

Hot TV competitions In the past, our life was enhanced by the development of digital music industry, For example, American Idol, one of the most famous reality television competitions to find new singing talent, was created by Simon Fuller in 2002 (Roadman, 2010). As a result of the programmer’s success, competitions were constantly held in China, some of which have been significant, For example, Super Girls, Happy Boys, both are created by Human TV (a television station in China). There is a common ground in these competitions which is allowing any people to participate (Yang, 2009).

Currently, a few songs have been introduced to the public through the channels of recording companies, but the most popular means of spreading songs has been online. In other words, the television now offers opportunities for unknown musicians to step into national or global (Yang, 2009). 3. Advances of the Internet Since 2004, a lot of cover version music websites of distinct sizes have begun to develop into the Internet. The earliest website in China was 163888. Et, from which many web singers have become well known (Ghana, 2006).

Ever since then, many people have insanely attempted to access cover version music websites, because they think they can become famous, Just like a few of the popular web singers had done although the probability of becoming successful is as slim as winning the lottery (Ghana, 2006). Up to now, many advanced singers have been found in China, such as He lie, Change shushing and so on (Yang, 2009). Anyway;ay, Internet nowadays is wonderful platform on a human scale. Nowadays, another bee-line to Join in show business is to be a web singer.

For recording companies, the Internet is another experimental field. Firstly, people roll out their music online (to become web singer) and fascinate many fans if their music is successful (indicated by popularity ratings), next, the recording companies would contract them if their music is popular online. Finally, the recording companies will recording songs and for recording companies, in other word, Just as important as playing songs in a ranking list in radio stations. C. From monopoly to public The increasing popularity of web songs has helped to improve the music business.

In contrast, the previous mode has been laggard because of the monopolizing by a few major elite music companies (Ghana, 2006). Every music fan is currently fascinated with the dissemination of musical industry digital interface (MIDI) in producing his or her own music. In addition, if we say the MPH player represents a revolution in terms of music dissemination, in that way, MIDI can be considered to be the delegate of a music revolution in music production (Kennedy, 2006). In the past, producing a song needs to be helped by other musicians and musical instruments costing at least 10,000 Yuan in China.

Nowadays, depend on the advances of technology, the computer can uses musical industry digital interface to simulate all musical instruments almost at around 300 to 500 Yuan (Ghana, 2006), thus, a huge reducing cost in producing music. D. From middle-class to low-class consumers In real life, genuine CDC are less popular in China, because they are much more expensive. A copyrighted record is a luxury item that is subject to restrictions due to many factors, some of which would include: its high price, the hardware device (CD player), and the cost of retail channels (Ghana, 2006).

Bearing this in mind, most cording companies can only sell their copyrighted records to middle-class consumers. Therefore, selling digital music online is another option, which is cheaper and faster and recording companies continue to pursue (Hamilton, 2009). Due to technological advancement, many consumers have benefited as the mobile phone has helped to sell music and has taken the place of traditional shops (Ghana, 2006). In addition, handset music is very affordable. For instance, every song lasting from 3 to minims, costs only about 2 to 3 Yuan in China (Hung, 2007).

It is fundamentally expanding the scope of purchase from middle-class to low-class nonusers, hence increasing the numbers of consumers. In the future, more and more people will prefer handset music and the musical mobile phone will be increasingly popular. IV. Steps to further enhance this industry China’s piracy activities have affected the healthy development of the online music market seriously. According to the report of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, there are around 7200 music download sites, only 10% of companies are authorized in China.

Physical piracy levels in China continue to be the highest in the world, with over 85% of the units sold being pirate. As a result of the number of internet user increases, digital piracy in China is progressively worsening :Kennedy, 2006). However, piracy is still the knottiest problem in Chinese music A. Strengthening the protection of music copyright 1 . Companies There are several practical steps which companies can use to avoid copyright theft on their organization’s computers and classified systems, and also cope with the security and illegal problems.

According to the Music Industry Piracy Investigations MIPS), protecting wireless and controlling file-sharing, these two steps are recommended to use. For many company, wireless connection is widely used. Therefore, companies have to make sure that wireless connection to their network and the internet are encrypted especially in China, fortunately, many software have been created in China, like safe, Rising Antivirus software (RASA), which provide a safe situation for the internet so that these connections are not exposed for illegal purposes.

In the future, protective software should be more progressive although they are still working and effective now (Kennedy, 2006). In addition, the easiest way of reducing copyright and security problems in organizations and companies is prohibiting unauthorized soft installations and file- sharing activity on their team machines (Marking, 2003). Software like freeware Digital File Check can effectively scan or remove file sharing software from personal computers (Marking, 2003). However, these two steps can almost block negative web ‘suitors and prevent internet situation for companies. . Individual In real life, people lose attention to the copyright protection, or never come to understand what is copyright, as downloading music has been an unscrupulous practice for some time in China. Hence, for each individual, self-discipline is the most important attitude, and self-check is an effective way to avoid becoming illegal file- shares. In practice, using Digital File Check, which is a free software for all computer users to remove or avoid any unwanted programmer (Kennedy, 2006). Moreover, MN. W. Pro-music. Rug is a useful website, which provides anything you need to know about online music that takes on a gateway to around 350 legitimate sites and is a main resource of information about music on the internet (Kennedy, 2006). 3. Government Music piracy has created a lot of negative results: Job losses, destroying creativity and decreasing governments’ tax revenues (Kennedy, 2006). Intellectual property rights and enforcements are the foundations for modern economy, and there are necessary steps, like strict penalties, effective prosecutions and education, which are pivotal for government.

In brief, effective actions should be taken out by governments and work with the music industry to against piracy. A. To cooperate with Internet Service Providers (Sips) The music industry is a sector that provides Jobs, brings pleasure to billions of remark enforced. Internet Service Providers have a main Job to block web-based piracy. Most customer contracts make clear that if users infringe copyright regulations, they will be terminated (Marking, 2003), but in China, the situation is out of control.

In contrast, in some EX. countries, many governments have been acting to enforce fair legal framework by using a Customs Regulation to put an end to pirated goods at the EX. borders (Kennedy, 2006). However, the Chinese government should remind Sips of their responsibilities and make sure that this “force-out” clause could work (Kennedy, b. Updating laws We have to recognize that it is digital age nowadays, but many countries still have ‘mainly-era copyright laws in a digital age which includes China.

For the protection of copyright, the Chinese government needs to update its rule to make sure that loopholes are closed (Ghana, 2006). In addition, Chinese government should communicates with the World Trade Organization (WTFO) Trips agreement and the Nor Intellectual Property Organization (WIPE) Treaties, which can provide effectual and seasonal information to prevent the long-term development of the economy of the Chinese music industry (Kennedy, 2006). Public Education Many countries have realized that copyright is exactly a long-term concept that improves creativity and basic sustainable economic growth (Ghana, 2006).

In Australia, the Attorney-General used his role as a platform for explaining the importance of copyright to his country’s music industry economy (Kennedy, 2006). Ere Finnish government provides special schools that they use to widely educate Children laws, together with interrelated subjects they have created in many universities (Roadman, 2010). However, Chinese government has continued to ignore the education of copyright laws to general public, in other words, the government of China should attach importance to the education of preventing copyright for the purpose of creating a healthy music industry. . Improving the network platform Building a well-rounded online marketing platform to provide quality services is at present the most effective way for digital music industry to achieve a breakthrough yang, 2009). According to the development of G-technology, online music and mobile music will be closed: users list to music through mobile phones and managing music by using PC. Moreover, users can easily use the ring tones, polyphonic Remington and other wireless music service to download songs (Kennedy, 006).

Therefore, online digital music will develop in long term. In the future, digital music services should no longer only focus on the advanced technology as increasing the number of licensed music, other services like user registration would be the next aims of development (Ailing & Petit, 2006). Chinese digital market has great potential in the future. Therefore, variety business models should be created except for “free audio-visual + advertising profit” (traditional profit model).

The key for further expansion of online music market IS to blend other services, such as mobile phone, games and blobs: paying members an use background music during chatting or browsing blob, additionally cooperating Ninth music platform websites, entertainment portals, recording companies, telecoms operators and carriers, mobile phone manufacturers, thus creating further profits Cinch, 2007). As a result of the advance of 36 application and wireless technology, mobile should be neatly regarded as a computer with wireless function.

Hence, digital music can cooperate with powerful companies, such as Monika, Motorola, Sony- Ericson. As long as this step done, mobile phone users can download music Never and wherever possible. V’. Conclusion To sum up, the evolution of digital music industry in China is showed in 4 aspects. Firstly, many televisions competitions have been created in China, some of them such as Super Girls, Happy Boys have beautified Chinese daily life. Secondly, internet has been a popular platform for people to show their literary or artistic talent.

Moreover, recoding companies also have benefited that they can easily find promising singers on line. Thirdly, every music fan nowadays can spend only around 400 Yuan in China to produce his or her own music using the MIDI technology. Finally, compared with he high price of genuine CDC, the cost of downloading music on line is much lower, therefore, more and more people prefer using handset music players like mobile phone, ‘Touch to download music on internet. Thus, the scope of purchase has been expanded form middle-class to low-class consumers. Chinese digital music industry is full of wonderful outlook.

In order to improve this industry, the protection of music copyright must be paid more attention to, for companies and individual, using ready resources (soft ware like freeware Digital File) to maintain their self-protection is the most efficient way. For Chinese government, 3 tepees must be carried out. Firstly, to cooperate with Internet Service Providers because which have a main Job to block web-based piracy. Secondly, Chinese government should communicate with the WTFO Trips agreement and the WIPE to get seasonal information of law of music industry.

Finally, Chinese government should not only stop ignoring the copyright problems but also attaching importance to the education of copyright in order to create a healthy music industry. In addition, China should improve the network platform and explore different kinds of profit models to enhance the digital music economy. II. Recommendation Digital music will bring a greater variety of music to people in China. Undoubtedly, the digital music industry will surely creates more diversity to our lives and leads us to a brighter future. Today, China has a population of 1. Billion (one sixth of the huge. There is no a doubt that the Chinese digital music industry itself has been getting better, but one extra field that this industry has to consider, which is the degree of satisfaction in consumption. The idea here is that music can be easily transmitted to users. Therefore, a carrier can achieve success in the digital music field only by trying o acquire a better understanding of customers’ real needs. In order to realize this idea, taking a complete industry chain is the basic point (Kennedy, 2010).

A carrier can successfully develop services as long as a complete industry chain has been constructed. In addition, from new song releases to music sales, from the protection of copyright to being a music supplier, digital music, which is an integration of the IT industry and the recording companies, requires the support an industry chain :Kennedy, 2010). To help carriers reach this goal, one good step for music companies s to build up a worldwide digital music industry chain, which will cover all parts of the industry chain and provide integrated services to carriers.

Due to the advance technologies, there is another area must be mentioned, which is Mobile Phone. In our experiences, 1 5 years ago the mobile was purely a device for making voice calls. Now it is a camera, MPH player, organizer and taxing device. In real life, playing music by mobile phone has been no longer a fresh thing, but less mobile phone make and produce music. In the future, a mobile phone will not be a phone, which should be considered to be a computer. Because of this, making music and producing music can be the next aim of development for digital music industry and cell-phone industry.