Mission Statement Sound Noise, a State of Indiana “S” Corporation, spotlights unconventional music, merchandise and entertainment typically overshadowed by mainstream ideologies. It speaks to the shared experiences of Generation Y and The Urban Trendsetter. It provides fair compensation to its employees, a fair return to its owners, and a fair royalty to its artists.

Goals * Establish and grow The Company into a full service record label, merchandising ND multimedia company * Create a steady stream of revenue from record sales, digital sales, merchandising, licensing and live performances Keys to Success * Focus on creating a consistent stream of high quality songs and music related products * solve problems with Independent marketing, promotional and advertising budgets * Ensure products are delivered on time, financial are managed effectively, marketing and promotional budgets are monitored, and develop successful growth strategies * Focus on internet presence and building the foundation for a recognizable web brand Financial Requirements Sound Noise (hereafter referred to as The Company) seeks a capital infusion of $100,000 to continue building on the foundation already established by the company. This money will be used to cover costs associated with creating a consistent stream of music related products, marketing, promotion, and working capital necessary to establish and grow The Company into a successful multimedia organization. We plan to repay the balance of this loan amount in the span of approximately three years. We also plan to immediately begin repayment of the loan Interest at a rate of 6% or $500 per month.

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Further information regarding these procedures is outlined later in this plan. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Our current sources of income include but are not limited to the following list of products and services: * Retail sales of Cad’s. DVD’s and other multimedia formats * Sales of T-shirts, Jackets, tour books and other promotional merchandise * Royalties and fees earned from performances of recordings on radio and television, on the Internet, in movies, and in commercial venues such as restaurants and nightclubs * Live Performances Recorded Music Sound Noise will spend a large portion of their creative energy on writing song lyrics ND composing music.

The company commits to producing and recording a steady stream of high quality music for public consumption to equal no less than two songs tots chains, at live shows and over the internet via various online and offline distributors and aggressors. The Company will also sell digital music in the following formats: Complete Album Downloads, Full Track Downloads, Mobile Only Full Track Downloads, Polyphonic Rhinestones, and Arranging Tones. We plan to make these items available through structured licensing agreements with popular online retail (I. E. I Tunes, Music, and Rhapsody). Merchandising ere Company will manufacture and produce a large variety of merchandise at the lowest possible costs.

Every piece of merchandise, once sold, becomes a living piece of advertising for our projects, creating a dual benefit for our company and its consumers. These items will include but are not limited to the following: T-shirts, CDC, Posters, Sweatshirts, Hats, Jackets and other collectibles. Live Performance ere Company will focus on live performance venues and the relationships with booking agents as a marketing and advertising supplement to drive record and reassigning sales. Licensing As the owner of the masters and the publisher of our own catalogue of songs, The Company is guaranteed a certain bundle of rights by law. Because we own all the rights, anyone who wishes to use our song must first obtain our permission.

A film or IV’ show needs to borrow only two of these rights: the right to use the actual recording (our master), and the right to use the underlying composition that the master is based on (our song). The permission we give them to use the master is tendered in the form of a contract called a master-use license. The permission we give them to use the song itself is tendered in the form of another contract called a synchronization license. Both these licenses can be combined into one agreement if the publisher and master owner are one in the same. MARKETING PLAN ere Company’s marketing will revolve around 4 basic online and offline mediums: Radio, Reviews, Road and Retail.

Sound Noise will use the strategies of this plan to attack all four principles simultaneously over the course of the next three years. This Nail determine the true value of The Company’s music and validity of our business. To et the most of these 4 mediums we must first prepare a polished and professional press kit and update our online presence. The Company explains in more detail below. The costs for these items are listed in the Start up Cost spreadsheet in the Financial Statement. Professional Press Kit Includes: geography – A professional one page biography will be written to provide press, radio and fans with a complete concise story behind the music of The Company. Photo Shoot – A full service digital photo shoot will be performed to provide high resolution mages for The Company’s Namespace Page, Blob and Press Kits; both online and offline. Electronic Press Kit -An online version of The Company’s press kit will be created and maintained to allow for easy access to floggers, Journalist and other press outlets to cover its music. * Download Cards – Similar to tunes, this plastic or recycled cardboard business card sized gift cards come with a unique download code to be entered on the web that will collect data about the fan downloading (I. E. ;mail, address, zip code, age, etc. ) * CD Manufacturing – Professionally copy of The Company’s latest releases. Online Presence * Customized Namespace Layout – A new layout will be designed and published at http://www. Namespace. Mom/semiconscious to maximize fan experience and brand exposure on the #1 music discovery destinations on the web. * The Sound Noise Backbone – A new Backbone layout will be designed and published to NNW. Backbone. Com/semiconscious. Musicians will also receive their own new designed Backbone page. Backbone will be updated weekly with amp’s, pictures, video and commentary from The Company. The blob will serve as a two way communication between The Company its fans and stakeholders. Once the professional press kit and updated online presence is complete, The Company will move forward in presenting The Company’s products to the mediums that are illustrated and outlined in detail on the following pages.

Reviews ere Company will do as much as it can to effectively promote ourselves in the press; however we anticipate the need for a full time publicist. * The Company will pay a full time professional publicist at a rate of $500 per month to secure interviews and reviews in both online and offline publications. The first step in assisting the publicists is to compile a list of appropriate press accounts (I. E. Outlets) in our target racket– college press, local magazines and newspapers, fanzines, online press and media, etc. Note that our list will include press that is not primarily focused on music, but which music fans read– for example, fashion or auto magazines.

Evaluation of our press and publicity efforts will include the monitoring and tracking of single, album and concert reviews, as well as interviews and features regarding our label and its acts. Radio ere Company will do as much as we can to effectively promote our record ourselves to commercial and college radio; however we anticipate the need for an independent radio promoter. The Company will pay a professional college radio promoter at a rate of $500 per month to secure radio spins on BEDS/COM tracked radio stations. In addition, The Company plans to use highly influential online services to market its music to radio. These services will be paid at a rate of $1,000 per month. We will assist the efforts of the radio promoter by creating a comprehensive list of station information.

Servicing radio involves providing the MD, PDP, Do’s and Promotions/ Marketing Director with full-length CDC and singles, and updating appropriate radio personnel with information on our acts and developments with our label (new leases, upcoming concerts to add to the concert calendar, special promotions in the area, T-shirts, posters, flyers, etc. ). Evaluation of our radio promotion efforts will Include the monitoring and tracking of ads, level of rotation and overall chart statistics (Billboard, BEDS, and College Music Journal). Road En plan to Join The National Association of Campus Activities to maximize the number of paid gigs per year. These shows easily become multi media events a place to sell Cad’s and other merchandise. * The membership rate for the NCAA is $750 as described in the start section in the financial plan. The Company will also SE online booking agencies to find high profile, paid gig. We will pay those services a total of $500 per month. Retail Marketing While no one element of our marketing mix is more important than the other, we will tie as much of our marketing efforts into retail as possible. The first step will be to build a comprehensive list of music blobs that make sense for The Company. Secondly, we will service the online record stores (I. E. tunes, Rhapsody, music, Amazon MPH, All and more) with current releases, promotional material, and point of purchase advertising. * The cost of distributing The Company’s product will be TA rate of $100 per month. Online vs..

Offline The Straddle is a term coined by professor/flogger George Howard to explain the difference between online and offline market. The balance act necessary to leverage both worlds is something that is not so often talked about, but one that most successful acts are already doing. * The cost of online and offline advertisement will cost the company $1 500 per month For independent artists, this concept is even more important to grasp. Namespace and other social networks have given rise to a generation of musicians who think they can become an instant success from their opts. Truth is, if you fail to create a real connection with the fans or friends you make online, you will ultimately loose them all offline.

Our Street Team The street team is an integral part of The Company’s marketing plans, and a significant portion of every artist’s marketing budget is dedicated to manufacturing promotional items for street team use. The street team will be an extra set of several “arms and legs” scattered across the country supplementing the efforts of our publicist, radio promoter and general managers. * The cost to properly fund our street team will be $300 per month MANAGEMENT PLAN Brandon Ernest – President ; Aaron Fisher – Secretary Brandon has managed UPS for 3 years and is looking to take his experiences and knowledge to his own business. He is also musically trained on trombone, guitar, piano, and drums.

While Aaron Fisher is a graphic design major looking to take his cameras where ever life leads him. Also equipped with computer gear made by apple overseeing design operations is his dream. Both men are musicians at heart and the music industry is full of heart. Gerard Brooks (aka “Rush”) – UP Operations He is the eldest of 4 children and was raised in a single family home by his mother. His responsibilities, at times, seemed overwhelming in comparison to others his age. His hard knock life bestowed him with a “make it happen now” attitude. Life has not always been beneficial for him, but deep, perspective thinking and speaking it real is truly evident in his music.

Gerard began music Just by making a rhyme for fun in the Once the crowd heard my rhyme, they went wild and I received such an adrenaline rush hence the name “Rush”. Ralph Kay (aka Picasso) – UP of Sales Picasso, the eldest of 3 children, was part of one of the only African American families in the area that had both parents living in the same household. Although a two parent household might sound normal to many people, Ralph understood that it was not at all a normal occurrence. Because of his secure environment, he grew up with a care free, “all is right with the world” attitude. Nothing seemed to concern or worry him much, still does not. This fosters his ability to paint beautiful pictures with words and use his witty humor along the way.