Positioning: It applies the targeting plans in to business. Positioning of the HEM products are illustrated in details in UP analysis. Proposals For Each Of The ups Product rhea attributes of the product is very important. The product gets the main priority and if the marketer knows that the product is not up to standard, it will only make it more difficult for the marketer to make the product acceptable in the market. We know that HEM is already a very well established organization in I-J and they are specializing in music, movies and video games.

Therefore, a few things should always be kept in mind such as maintain their service quality and probably should priorities their loyal customers and offer special discounts. They have to ensure that the product is available at all costs and deliver the products to their consumer as scheduled. Everyone wants to stay up to date with the latest music, movies and video games. This is why they should never have their shelves empty and make sure all is Jp to date as well as maintain the quality of the product. Price Price is an important factor and should be handled very delicately.

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A certain group of people enjoys the deduction of price and on the other hand, others would doubt the quality of the product because of lower prices. Since HEM is already a well reputed ND one of the eldest stores in the I-J, the prices should not be any less then its competitors because of its brand image which should be maintained and after all, this will ensure their customers that HEM is providing them with the best quality of service and product in the market available. Promotion Promotion plays a major role in the perception of a particular segment.

The promotion should be compatible with the positioning of the product which will lead to recognition of the brand and play as a proxy to evaluate quality of the product based by the prospective customers. HEM should come up with innovative rumination strategies and advertise through the medium of television networks, radio channels, leaflets, banners etc. They could always use a little promotional video before a movie starts at theaters or organize events such as unplugged concerts and games conventions with the latest trends which is very popular with the youngsters standard and one of its kind to complement the brand image.

We certainly cannot forget the World Wide Web, where they can advertise through social networks such as Face book, etc. Place Place is Just as important. It’s the location which should be convenient and easy to access for the customers. Distribution depends a lot on the place. Various strategies such as the intensive distribution, exclusive distribution and selective distribution should be considered to help other aspects of the marketing mix. HEM stores should be available at every corner of any commercialese area for consumer satisfaction and to create brand superiority. People People are important and crucial in service delivery.

Intensive training program is required for store clerks and any human resources on how to handle and treat customers and also how to deal with difficult customers. They should be presentable ND their behavior should be at utmost best. Their salesmanship should be at level best and should have a wide range of knowledge about the current products, to ensure they can priorities and provide the best service as well as meet the customers demand at any given time. Process It’s important to deliver a quality service which is why processes are crucial to ensure standards are met. HEM cannot have empty shelves.

It is vital that they fill up those shelves as soon as possible by using Information System such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP). Commitments should be treated with utmost importance for e. . If a CD is not in display and the store clerk makes a commitment to the customer to have it by the next day, that commitment should be met with intense care. All the transaction processes should be easy to handle where customers would be able to pay through credit cards, debit cards, cash, Papal etc. Home delivery services should be made available specially if the customer is buying through E-store or online shopping.

Physical Evidence Physical Evidence plays a vital part for the satisfaction of the customers. When a customer walks into a HEM store, it should be like no other experience. There should be huge card board cutouts of the latest blockbusters to welcome them to the store. HEM should have booths inside the stores placed at different corners with the latest LCD monitors, quality headphones with quality speakers option where the customers can check out and listen to the latest music and preview all the blockbuster trailers Including the current and upcoming games available at the store.

They should also have a kid’s play area with adult supervision where the customers with children can leave their child to maximize and fully enjoy their ultimate HEM experience. No doubt the stores should amazing displays and lighting to make it look as trendy as possible. rhea customers will surely evaluate the quality of their experience through such proxies. HEM have been around a long time, and they are a familiar name across the globe among masses that refer to the brand as a trusted choice for getting their music, movies and video games.

Such broad market coverage ensures HEM stays relevant and all the history that comes with the name itself makes the brand somewhat of a novelty as well; the image of a dog singing into a microphone is something that sticks o the memory over time and all the great artists they have been associated with throughout the past century gives the brand a mark of distinction that stands out among all the labels that operate in their wider business environment. Such a reputation comes with the responsibility to deliver consistently high standards.

They must understand the changing nature of a market that is growing exponentially, and in order to appease a wider mass HEM must deliver products that are differentiated, Innovative and customized to the customers’ choice. Use of e-commerce to sell their reduces will negate piracy to a certain extent at least and keeping their name and striking images associated with them out and about in the electronic and print media Nil ensure they continue to be a familiar if not household name in this industry.

Recommendations: HEM must avoid any semblance of complacence being communicated to their customer, both old and new, by ensuring their strategies factor in the changing tastes and preferences of the masses over the eras. An attempt to connect with their customers on a more personal level not only bodes well for consolidating brand loyalty, but an astute use of e-commerce for the sale of their products will shut a lot of doors on the piracy industry. Staying in touch with the people that buy their products will help them cater to their customer’s preferences.

Across all the regions Inhere HEM operate, they need to use electronic and print media to make sure they are seen and talked about; word of mouth literally goes a long way. Hams video game merchandise needs to be bolstered; they need to observe the gaming industry more actively and throw their hat in the ring in terms of being one of the principal providers of a diverse range of video games. They must increase their operations on the internet, by making their virtual stores as accessible and relevant as their hysterical stores.