The article is a summary of the constant legal battle between Apple, the computer company and Apple, the Battles’ record company. The two companies both share a similar logo and since 1981 have gone to court three times to settle their dispute. It Is a case of technological advances auditing earlier agreements and at the source are downloaded digital music, logo, and name.

All the cases Involved the record Mayans claim that the computer company of not following the terms of their agreement and that the computer had “crossed the delving line. ” LEGAL ISSUE The legal issue raised by Apple Corps claim that Apple Company is involved in the music industry and according to the 1981 agreement the computer company agreed to stay away from the sound recording industry. In 2001, Apple Company released the pod, a music device to download and play music from tunes that was launched in 2003.

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Apple Corps claimed this to be a violation of the 91 agreement and crossed the line into the sound recording industry. The High Court ruled that no breach occurred and the Apple Company could continue to conduct regular business (BBC News, 2006. ) Legal issues will arise as part of operating a business and have can have different effects on the company. Financial, contractual, copyright, and operating are types of legal issues that could spark a legal issue for a company. In 1 968 the Battles’ formed Apple Corps to oversee all of their business interests.

When the company was formed, it had the opportunity to patent or trademark the apple name and logo. This would have prevented the Apple Company the ability to use both and create any confusion between the two companies. Apple Corps could enforce its rights to the name and logo in court against Apple Company. This act could have help to avoid some of the legal Issues between these two companies. The law in this case Is outdated by technological advances and opens up the agreement In 1981 to gray areas that are not Identified and spelled out In the Orlando contract.