Roman, Portrait Bust of Cicero


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Roman portrait busts took the realism of Greek art but emphasized the individual even more strongly, making the busts sometimes painfully faithful to the real-life model.


In this case the bust is meant to portray Cicero the late republican and orator as a man of principle and conviction.


Prehistoric, “Woman from Willendorf”


These clay figures and others like them with exaggerated sexual features were probably used to bring fertility and used as charms to aid in childbirth.


Mesopotamian – “Soundbox of a Lyre”


This ornately decorated sound-box found in a Sumerian tomb was probably used in a funeral rite which involved the ritual sacrifice of its player.


From what little myths survive, it seems the Sumerian religion was very brutal and bloody.

Egyptian – “Wall Paintings from the tomb of Nefertari”
Classic Greek, The Parthenon

Classic Greek


Bronze Statue of a Warrior




Augustus of Primaporta


Roman – Early Christian


Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus


Roman – Byzantine


Mosaics of Justinian and Theodora