Instrument classification of the bandoneon?
free-reed aerophone
What key is the tango in?
Major – together
minor – apart
What is the struggle that tango depicts?
men fighting over a woman unsure of her feelings
Common form of a mariachi?
what are the names of the two guitars used in mariachi?
vihuela and guitarron
what are members of Mariachi often dressed as?
the charro
What is a blue note?
The notes that lie between the major and minor third based off of the West African tuning system
T/F: Each spiritual song has a set amount of stanzas and the stanzas are always in the same order
What is the name of the most prominent gospel hymn composer of the 20th century?
Thomas Dorsey
What is the name of the gospel piece in book?
“Precious Lord”
Father of blues?
W.C. Handy
Some characteristics of the country blues?
12 bar form, 1-4-5, pain, emotion, telling stories way of allegory
First country blues recording star?
Blind Lemon
Famous rock group got its name from the title of a Muddy Waters song?
Rolling Stones
“Hound Dog”?
Big Mama Thornton
What are the two melodic instruments that accompany the voice?
Accordion and fiddle
What are the two types of dances primarily associated with Cajun music?
The waltz and the two-step
Why were powwows started?
As a way to keep the cultures from dying out
Where do the Chippewa people live?
in the northern Midwest and southern Canada
Plains Native American music is usually played by…?
A group of singers and drummers
A large circle in Capoeira is called?
What are 3 stages of Capoeira dance?
What is the rhythm played by the Ginga?
1 & 3 4