What is the music texture of Jiangnan Sizhu?
What is the key for Jiangnan Sizhu to remain for such a long period?
What is the # of central/main instruments most importantly used in Jiangnan Sizhu? Give example
Erhu (fiddle)
Yangqin (dulcimer)
Pipa (pear-shaped instrument)
Dizi (flute)
What is the purpose of the p’ansori?
to tell a story
How many instruments are used in the p’ansori?
1 voice, 1 drum
What type of voice is used in p’ansori?
strong, loud, vibrato, husky
What are two types of instruments that are used in Kabuki?
shamisen (chordophone)
o-tsuzumi (side-held drum)
What do the individual characters of Kabuki stand for?
song, dance, skill
Who is regarded as the original founder of Kabuki?
What are the sounds in Khoomei supposed to imitate?
Why is a long song called a long song?
What instrument accompanies the long song?
Morin Khuu (chordophone)
Dung chen is said to imitate the sound of what animal?
Musical performance most important to Tibetan rituals involve 1. groups or 2. individuals?
1. groups
T/F: Chants and instrumental performances in Buddhist rituals are regarded more as music than spiritual sounds.