Kriti form

most popular vocal song form in India,

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Anupallavi-constrasting, longer note values


Indian refrain in Kriti
Indian contrasting section in Kriti, longer note values, revolves around reciting tone
Indian verse in Kriti
Devotional Song, no form, ornamental singing
playback singer
singers that make the sounds in Bollywood films (Lata Mangeshkar)
songs in Bollywood films, can be devotional songs or Bhajan songs, combines western and traditional instruments

dance for Bollywood films that

comes from the region between India & Pakistan, tradtionally accompanied by drums for the men, clapping for the women

Mumbai-Bombay mixed with Hollywood
Bollywood famous actor
Sharukh Khan (lip-syncs)
“Norwegian Wood”
Rubber Soul album 1965 used sitar as echo…
“Tomorrow Never Knows”
Revolver Album 1966 used sitar with overdubbing based on Tibetan “Book of the Dead”
“Within You, Without You”
Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album 1967 Hindustani concepts in the lyrics, professional Indian musicians playing
Ravi Shankar
Indian sitar player that brought Indian music to the outside world