Where did Spirit Cat form?
Gainesville, FL
Where does the band play after football games?
Main rhythmic instrument of the Hare Krishnas?
From what country did Konpa originate?
What did Dr. David Edmund compare jazz improvisation to?
Painting a picture
What was the meeting that inspired choir music?
Vatican Council 2
Where do most hip-hop artists get their inspiration from?
From past experiences in their own lives
What sets J2K apart from other bands?
They have no lyrics
What are the 3 different categories of Catholic musics?
Traditional, folk, and modern
Two type of music exist in Brazil. True or False: The music of the coast is more rhythmic than the music of the interior.
Is Indie music for self satisfaction or mass appeal?
Self satisfaction
Did Crooked Counsel write their own songs?
No, they only played cover songs that were previously performed by other bands.
Name one section in the marching band.
Piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, dance line, bass drums….etc.
Improv is used in which of the following settings?
What is the main instrumentation of folk music?
Guitar and harmonica/other melodic instrument
What is the common instrumentation for a rock band?
Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals
What 2 sections does the UF jazz band consist of?
Horns and Rhythm
What kind of music does the UF Women’s chorale sing?
Music from many different cultures in many different languages
What country did the Uilleann Pipes come from?
WHat is the genre of Jazz that originated in Eastern Europe and incorporates guitars and violin?
Gypsy Jazz
What is the purpose of punk rock music?
To express individuality despite popularity
True or False: The Mozart Effect is said to increase IQ by 8 or 9 points.
Does Gospel music require a choir?
What 2 genres does Tribal Style combine?
Reggae and Rock