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·      Rainforest, Portugese colonization, highlands coast line.

·      Mining and plantations

·      Getulio Vargas

·      FI: sensous celebratory sound

·      AA: polyrhytmic percussion, cuica, guitar, call and response, samba rhythm

·      CC: belly bump, carnival escolas de samba, gov influence, samba styles



FI: bop and weave grooce

AA: CALL AND RESPONSE, polyrhythmic percussion (berribau) à huge bow thing that you hit. In creasing tempo.

CC: “compe” with the foot, dance disguised combat training, Cooperation-control-confrontation, ginga- open move


FI: moody accordian

AA: Bandoneon, tango rhythm, off-balance moods

CC: Portenos- people of the port, dance of passion, ballroom tango, 

US Ballads

·      FI: a front porch lullaby

·      AA: Tells a story. Deaht, danger and depression. Unaccompanied vocal solo

·      CC: Birtish Origins, Ballad Hunting, Cecil Sharp, Ballad influence today

US Bluegrass

·      FI: High Lonesome sound

·      Cc: Urban hillbilly music, folk festivals


US Lined Hymn

·      FI: Recitation and a sonic smudge

·      AA: Moderator lines out the hyumn, congregation, obscure melody

·      CC: John Calvin, Scottish psalm singing, Old Regular Baptists


US African American Spiritual

·      FI: Congregational church song

·      AA: Free-er rhythm, Moaning, Repetition of melody and lyrics

·      CC: hopeful texts, old testament inspiration, double meanings; underground railroad; Harriat Moses Tubman

African American Gospel US

·      FI: Joyous church choir

·      AA: Electric organ etc, vibrant rhythm, major key, memorable lyrics and melody

·      CC: Get Happy texts, new testament inspiration, gospel styles, popular influence


Country Blues US

·      FI: Emotionally raw music

·      AA: ‘troubled life’ lyrics, guitar conversation, 12 bar blues, “blue “notes

·      CC: Blues roots, Juice Joints & “cutting heads” , Race records, city blues


Plains Chippewa song US

·      FI: Warbling voices with heartbeat drum

·      AA: Unison pulse singing, cascading melodic contour, vocables, mother earth drum

·      CC: Pow-wow, casinos and contests, regalia- a dance