It., Flute
Flauto, Flauti
Fr. Flute
Flûte, Flûtes
Ger., Flute
Flöte, Flöten
It., Piccolo
Flauto Piccolo (or Ottavino)
Fr., Piccolo
Petite Flûte
Ger., Piccolo
Kleine Flöte
The Alto Flute, It.
Flauto contralto
Fr., the alto flute
flûte en sol
Ger., alto flute
It. Oboe
Oboe, Oboi
Fr., oboe
Hautbois, Hautbois (yes it’s the same)
Ger., Oboe

Oboe, Oboen

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old spelling: Hoboe,; Hoboen

English Horn, It.
Corno Inglese
Fr., english horn
Cor Anglois
Ger., english horn
Englisch Horn
Piccolo is written _______ than it sounds.
an octave lower than it sounds
Piccolo’s strengths:

It is the most agile instrument of the orchestra:

incredibly fast runs, skips, arpeggios, and elaborate figurations of all kinds

The piccolo’s most valued contribution to the orchestra might be:
the ability to add a brilliant edge to a melodic line.; It frequently doubles other woodwinds (or even strings) an octave higher.; (p.80)
Alto flute has same written range as ______, but sounds _____.
C flute; 4th lower
Bottom of Alto Flute’s concert range:
G below middle C
It., Clarinet
Clarinetto, Clarinetti
Fr., Clarinet
Clarinette, Clarinettes
Ger., Clarinet
Klarinette, Klarinetten
Two keys of clarinets used most prominently today; which is used more?
Bb, A; Bb is used more
Bb clarinet is written ____ than sounded pitch
Bb clarinet must be written a whole step higher than sounded pitch
 The A clarinet is written ______ than sounded
minor 3rd higher
The key of the clarinet is determined by ______
what note sounds when said clarinet plays a written C
the bottom octave or so of a clarinet that has a dark, hollow quality. 
when did clarinet begin to be accepted into symphony orchestras?
Eb Clarinet is popular with ____ and not _____
bands; orchestras
It., Bass Clarinet
Clarinetto Basso
Fr., Bass Clarinet
Clarinette Basse
Ger., Bass Clarinet
When written in treble clef, the bass clarinet sounds _______ than written
a Major 9th lower
when written in bass clef, the bass clarinet sounds _____ than written
a Major 2nd lower
A Bb Contrabass clarinet sounds ______ than written
two octaves and a major 2nd lower
It., bassoon
fagotto, fagotti
Fr., bassoon
basson, bassons
Ger., Bassoon
Fagot, Fagotte
Oboe solo name
Lyric Soprano
The Contrabassoon or Double Bassoon

It. Contrafagotto

Fr., Contrabassoon or Double Bassoon
Ger., Contrabassoon or Double Bassoon
The Contrabassoon or Double Bassoon is written _____ than sounded
an octave higher
p.101 has a description of woodwind registers.
Name the 5 families of woodwinds

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone

Range of bassoon
Bb below bass staff to Bb above middle C (on bass cleff staff)
Range of Flute
Middle C to C4 (3 oct above middle C)
Possible Range of oboe and saxophones

Bb (at middle C) to F an octave above top line of treble staff



Flute solo name
Coloratura Soprano
Usual range of oboe
D (at middle C) to two octaves up (D above treble staff)
Describe the best kind of oboe solo
Simple but expressive solos in the middle range
Oboes often play ____ part an _______.
flute; octave lower
What special effects are employed by oboes in ensembles
none. they’re already special.
double reed instruments are super skilled at
staccato. they have a very distinct staccato with lots of projection and bounce
English horn is in the key of ____ and always reads _____ clef
F; Treble
What is a register key?
A button at the bottom of many woodwinds that takes the register up an octave
What is a bocal?
the metal pipe on a bassoon or english horn
The English Horn is almost exclusively used _________.
as a solo instrument.; It’s sound is richer and more relaxed than the oboe, which means it would be super annoying if it played constantly.  Only for special occasions.
What is the oboe used in J.S. Bach cantatas? What key is it in?
Oboe D’amore; A
Bass Oboe is in the key of ___ and always reads __ clef
C; treble
Bass Oboe sounds ______ than written.
;sounds an octave lower than written
The Bassoon usually reads ____ clef (or sometimes ___ clef) and has a range of ________.
Bass; tenor; Bb below bass clef to Bb in the oct above middle C (three octave range)
Bassoons use the _____ system, which has a _____ tone.
Heckel; dark, heavy but singing tone
What kind of range does the bassoon have? AKA What lyrical voices is it comfortable playing?
It has a large range and is comfortable with the bass, baritone and tenor range of male voices

Three things about the the Bassoon in a woodwind section:

1) Will always do something with Double Bass

2) Cellos often imitate bassoon solo

3) could double violin melody an octave lower

Two things to know about Oboes in a woodwind section:

1) Oboes often play flute part an octave lower

2) second oboes use a different, softer reed so you have to allow for this (so don’t have a second oboeist play the first oboe part without changing their reed and vice versa and 2nds can’t start p or lower on a low Bb)