who invented the saxophone?
Adolphe Sax
where was Adolphe Sax’s factory?
When was the first saxophone produced?
when was the Saxophone patent acquired?
where was the saxophone first accepted?
The saxophone was first taught where and by whom?
at the Paris conservatory by Adolphe Sax
what fingering system is the saxophone fingering system based off of?
the Boehm flute mdoel
name the members of the saxophone family
1.) Ab Alto
2.) Bb Tenor
3.) Eb Baritone
4.) Bb Soprano
what is the saxophone playing range?
2 and a half octaves
*jazz can expand the range to 4 octaves activating the alitssimo register
what kind of instrument is the saxophone?
a closed pipe with a conical bore
what kind of harmonics does the saxophone have?
a full range
what is the proper mouthpiece pitch on the saxophone?
A or Ab
what is the proper pitch for the neck of the mouthpiece when connected to the neck of the saxophone?
A or Ab an octave lower than just the mouthpiece
what are saxophones commonly made out of?
lacquer-coated brass
what is the proper air stream for the saxophone?
fast and cold with the tongue high in the back of the mouth and throat open
what note does bis Bb not work for?
B natural
how does one cover their sound?
more lower lip on the reed
how many C natural fingerings are there?
2, second finger, and fist finger with middle right side key
how many Bb fingerings are there?
1-2-right side key 1
*used in intervals of m3 or greater
how many pieces of bridgework are on the saxophone?
what does squeaking mean?
one is not correctly sealing the reed
how are one’s corners and chin in relation to the clarinet?
corners are relaxed and chin is not pointed
what should be done to perform a pitch bend?
dropped jaw, increased air, the tongue position for “eeee…awwwww….eeee”
why is moving between saxophone instruments easy?
the notes appear in the same place on the page
what are typical mouthpieces for the saxophone?
C# selmer and Yamaha 4C