Romantic Opera does what?
Combines arts together. It’s aim is to cause a transcendental experience, which is why there is an importance of the supernatural and mythology.
Gesamkunstwerk is what?
Music drama, not Opera. Combines all arts together (Philosophy, Poetry, Drama, Art, Design, Acting, Dance, Music)
Characteristics of Wagner’s Musical Dramas.
-extremely emotionally intense
-plots deal with philosophical and moral issues
-Based on Myths and legends
-Wagner wrote the text himself
-little stage action
-No formulaic recitative or aria, just free declamation
Describe the orchestra used in Wagner’s music.
-Orchestra is a character in the drama. Cues the audience as to whats going on with the characters psychologically.
-Delayed cadences
What is a Leitmotiv?
“Guiding Motive”. A reoccurring musical theme that is associated with a certain person, thing, idea, or symbol. Always undergoes thematic transformation; never appears the same way twice. Could state emotional ideas that words can’t.
What is different about singers in musical dramas?
The demands of the musical drama are much more strenuous on a singer. They now have to have extreme range, the ability to cary over the orchestra, and endurance because they are required to stay on the stage for hours on end. This creates the stereo-type of the fat singers.
Tristan and Isolde was composed by who? What was monumental about it? What is the point that the story is making? What to Tristan and Isolde stand for?
First complete musical drama
Through love, Transcendence can be achieved
Our true, inner selves
Der Ring des Niebelungen was written by whom?
(The ring cycle) Wagner
The four music dramas that form Der Ring des Niebelungen (their german names). This is extra credit.
Das Rheingold
Die Walkure
Question about Der Ring des Niebelungen (The ring cycle): Who is Brunnhilde and why is she the true hero of the ring cycle?
Brunnhilde is the most powerful Valkyrie. She falls in love with Siegfried after he wakes her from an enchanted sleep with a kiss. She is the hero because she ends up ridding the curse of the ring, and it goes back to the mermaids.
The Valkyrie Act 1 Scene 1
Siegmund and Sieglinde fall in love. This is where the first leitmotiv for love occurs.
What is the Bayreuth Festspielhaus?
A theater built just for Wagner’s works by some mentally disturbed king in Austria.