Ombra mai fu di vegetabile, Cara ed amabile, soave piu!
Never was the shade of any plant, sweeter, dearer, more agreeable!
The Three Principles of Healthy Singing
Breathing, Posture, Presence
Four Body Parts Involved in Singing
Lungs, ribs and intercostals, diaphragm, the abdominal muscles
Learning Music
Say the words, beat the rhythm on a monotone syllable, say the words in rhythm, sing the melody on a single syllable, Put it all together!
Muscle Antagonism
Muscles working in opposition (the abs and the diaphragm)
Ways to get over Performance Anxiety
Pratice, deep breathing, visualization
Three cartilidges found in the Voice Box
thyroid, aritenoid, cricoid
resonance-laryngal, oral, nasal
Joint connecting the jaw to the skull
Temporal Mandibular Joint
Body parts used for articulation
teeth, lips, soft palate, tongue
Unhealthy voice habits
overuse, smoking, clearing your throat, singing while sick, not warming up
Describe a physical/vocal excercise
(Just make sure you can do one)
Describe the characters, message, and setting- Goodnight My Someone
Amaryllis, Marian, ‘everyone has a soulmate waiting to be found’, and just describe the whole setting (this part should be ridiculously easy since I preformed it three nights in a row…)
Proper Breathing
body relaxed, diaphragm lowered, abs released. Lower back and stomach should expand, not the chest/upper lungs. Breathing should be silent.