Do the movements of the head affect the vocal tract?
Discuss the terms nasality and nasal resonance.
Actual nasal resonance exists only when the air in the nasal cavities is part of the air column, which occurs only when the soft palate lowers. If the soft palate lower for sounds other than nasal consonants we hear a twangy sharp quality called nasality. Nasality, due to a lowered soft palate, and the ring of the voice, which some figuratively call nasal resonance, because the feeling of vibration is in the nasal area, are different tonal quailties, produced in different ways
Where do vocal researchers believe the ring of the voice originates?
In the laryngeal tube which is the space between the vocal folds and the pharynx.
Name the three nasal consonants in English.
M, n, ng
What is the general position of the soft palate during singing?
A raised position that closes the passageway to the nose.
What is the resting position of the soft palate, as when breathing through the nose?
A low position that opens the passageway to the nose.
How do the lips influence the size and shape of the air column in the vocal tract?
By shaping the opening of the vocal tract, making it more open or closed, more round or spread, longer or shorter.
What condition of the throat is generally considered desired during singing.
Relaxed and soft throat.
When the larynx moves up and down what happens to the vocal tract tube?
It shortens or lengthens.
What condition of the jaw is considered desirable during singing?
A loose, easy, free jaw.
Describe the way the jaw is attached to the skull at the TMJ.
A membrane hangs down, like a curtain, from the skull, below the curtain, beneath it a cartilage is attached, and beneath the cartilage there is a second membrane from which the jaw is suspended.
What is TMJ?
Temporal mandibular joint
What is another name for the jaw?
What’s the position of the tongue for a back vowel?
The high arch of the tongue is in the back part of the mouth.
Name the four parts of the tongue.
Tip, blade, front, & back
To what bone is the base of the tongue attached?
The hyoid bone
What does an MRI show us?
MRI shows the fleshy part of the body, the soft tissues. The images show the hollow spaces inside the vocal tract.
What do the letters MRI stand for?
Magnetic resonance imaging
Why is the vocal tract an unsusual resonator among musical instruments?
Because the vocal tract can change size and shape rapidly while singing.
Name the six body parts that line the vocal tract.
Lips, tongue, jaw, hard palate, soft palate, spine, cheeks, head, larynx, nasal cavities, etc.
What’s the position of the tongue for a forward vowel?
The high arch of the tongue is in the forward part of the mouth.
Name the 3 parts of any musical instrument.
a source of power, a source of sound/vibration, a source of resonance/a resonator.
In the voice, what causes the bussy vibration that is the source of sound?
The vibrating vocal folds.
In the voice where is the buzzy sound resonated?
In the air column inside the vocal tract.
When the size & shape of the resonator is changed what happens to the sound?
The quality/timbre of the sound changes.