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Gene Ammons

Influentions to RnB Saxophone players

In the band, there was charlies parker miles davis and dizzy gilsespe

He teamed up with sunny Stitt

His sunny Stitt group was called boss Tenors

Clifford Brown

The Art blakey quintet a night at birdland-  Horris silver on piano



Clifford Brown and Max Roach


Clifford Brown and Max Roach quintet

Brown and roach incorporated

A study in brown

Cliffard Brown and Max Roach

Sunny Rollins joined the band

 Band Members–Max Roach drums

Cliffard brown trump

Harold Land- tenor

George Morrow –  Bass

Richy powel – piano

June 26 1956

All jazz clubs went dark because of Cliffard Brown’s Death

The Beggining of the End

David Brubeck

Cool Bop style as opposed to Hard Bop
Did concert tours to universities


Time Out

Dave Digs Disney


Paul Desmond- sax, Eugene Wright-Bass , Joe Morrello-drums

Art Blakey
A Night at Birdland— Lou Donnelson, Clifford Brown, Horace Silver, Curley Russell

Moanin’—-Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, Bobby Timmons, Jimie Merritt

The Big Beat——Lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter, Bobby Timmons, Jimie Merritt

Ugetsu—Wayne Shorter, Freddie Hubbard, Curtis Fuller, Cedar Walton, Reggie Workman

Able to start his own group in the 1940s and kept it exactly
the same until his death

Group becomes a sextet with the addition of Curtis Fuller on

Cannonball Adderley

Somethin’ Else

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago -This is the Miles Davis Sextet without Miles Davis

Quintet in San Francisco

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!


Started as a High School Band Director
Brother is Nat Adderley
Real Name: Julian
Nickname came from player/weight
Sat in with Oscar Pettiford, Miles Davis was in audience
Toured with Miles Davis for 2 years

Kenny Burrell



Midnight Blue

Kenny Burrel and John Coltrain– Tommy flanigan piano, Jimmy cob- drums, paul Chambers- bass



On what part of the drum is the time kept or ride pattern on?

A: Ride symbol



Which musical attributes apply to the cool style of bebop?



Miles Davis album kind of blue for most part is an example of which jazz stylistic approach?

John Coltrane



Blue Train– Only album on the Blue Note that has John Coltrane as the leader.

Giant Steps– Tommy Flanagan paino, paul chambers,

My Favorite Things  Mckoy Tyner, Jimmy garrison, Elvin Jones

John Coltrane 2

Ballads. Coltrane plays the melody very strictly on this album

Classic quartet- Mccoy tyner, Evlin jones on drum, jimmy Garison

1961 complete vanguard collection

Live at birdland

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

A love Supreme

Chic Korea

Now he sings now he sobs

Benny Carter
Further Definitions

Ornett Colemen

The Shape of jazz to come

Sunny Clark

Leapin and lopen

Sunny’s Crib

Miles Davis

Bags Groove –

Miles Davis quintent- John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Philly Jo Joes drums

Just Miles





The new miles davis quintet

Milestones– the tune milestones is the first model tune that Miles recorded and also this is the classic quintet plus cannon ball

Kinda Blue- Paul chambers(Bass), James cob(drum) Bill Evans (piano), Cannonball, Coltrane

Seven steps to Heaven – George Coleman (sax) Ron Carter( bass) Frank butler (drums) victor Feldmen (piano)

The Complete concert  1964-  Tony Williams, George Coleman, Herbie Handcock

The second Classic quintent- Miles, Wayne shorter, Ron carter, Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock

Miles 2


Miles Smiles



In a silent way

Bitches Brew- First jazz rock fusion album

Kenny Dorham

Bill Evans

Under Current- Jim Hall

Bill evans, Scott LaFaro bass, Paul Motian drummer- Bill Evans trio

Portrait  in jazz

Sunday at the village vanguard

Waltz for Debby