The pulse of music

Quarter Note


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One beat of sound


Quarter Rest


One beat of silence


Music Staff


Five lines, four spaces


Bar line


Divides the music staff into measures


Treble clef




Alto clef




Bass clef


(cello and bass)


Time Signature


Top: How many beats in each measure?


Bottom: What kind of note gets one beat?


Double bar

(Final bar)


Indicates the end of a piece of music


Repeat sign


Go back to the beginning and play the music again.




Pluck the strings
Name the lines of your music staff for your clef.

Treble:  E G B D F


Alto: F A C E G 


Bass: G B D F A

Name the spaces of the music staff for your clef.

Treble: F A C E


Alto: G B D F


Bass: A C E G

Name your strings from lowest to highest.

Violin: G D A E


Viola: C G D A


Cello: C G D A


Bass: E A D G

Name your strings from highest to lowest.

Violin: E A D G


Viola: A D G C


Cello: A D G C


Bass: G D A E