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(button aerophone)



(origianally from Greece,

4 pairs of strings

sounds like a “thin” guitar)




originally a waitress tray

played with short double-ended stick)



(National symbol of Ireland)


Uilleann Pipes

(4 parts: Chanter, drones

regulators, bellows)


Tin whistle


A fast 2-beat dance with 4 equal divisions per beat.
The most common Irish tune style
Lilting 2-beat (6/8 meter), perhaps the most “Stereo-typical” Irish sound
Slow or very slow, often without pulse. Often a single voice or instrument.
Sean nos
a traditional Irish song, often sung in Gaelic. Usually tells long stories
What are the four common themes of Irish lyrics?
Emigration, Nationalism, Love, the “Drink!”
What are the three common roles for instruments in Irish music?
Melodic, Harmonic, Rhythmic
Irish vocal tradition of singing nonsense syllables
(Concept) Irish ideas about music
(from lecture, ideas such as music is for everyone; it provides community/identity/hope; informal performances in pubs; integrated into working class life.)
(CONCEPT) Irish musical traits
(ideas from the lecture, such as most melodies are ornamented, it’s melody driven, it’s dance based even if not danced to, it’s wildly popular from a global perspective)
What is the most common place that music is performed now in Ireland?
the pubs
Where did music used to be performed, before the pubs took over?
in the home or churches
What is a “session”?
a small group of musicians “jamming” in a pub or home. No dancing
What is a “Ceili?”
music for dancing, often in large social events.
Irish potato famine
1847-1850, when millions of Irish died or left Ireland