A chromatic sign used in front of a note to change the note from what the Key Signature requires or from what has occurred previously in the measure.
A tempo (speed) that is described as “a walking speed”
A resting point in the music
Chromatic Sign
The group name for Sharps, Double Sharps, Flats, Double Flats, and Naturals
Da Capo
Words to indicate a repeat from the beginning of the piece
Dal Segno
Word to indicate a repeat from the given sign
The fifth note of a scale, scale step five; the note a fifth above the tonic.
Enharmonic Spelling
Using more than one spelling for the same pitch (C#, Db)
Half Step
The distance on the keyboard from one key to the very next key
Ledger Line
Lines added above or below the five-line staff, to extend the staff
A tempo a little faster than Andante
A repeated rhythmic or melodic idea, usually short and very distinctive
Pentatonic Scale
A scale that has only five pitches
The fourth note of a scale, scale step four; a fifth below the tonic
A beat that does not follow the written pulse or meter, an off-beat
Tonic Triad
A triad built on scale step one in a major or minor scale
Whole Step
A combination of 2 half steps