Alberti Bass
A bass line made up of broken chords
Atonal Music
Music that lacks a sense of key
Compound Interval
An interval that is greater than an octave
Deceptive Cadence
A cadence that moves from V-VI or V-vi. It is called deceptive because it fools the ear into thinking it will resolve to I or i, but doesn’t
Figured Bass
A bass line under which numbers tell what intervals should be played over the bass notes
An imitative contrapuntal composition alternating exposition and episodic portions
Half Diminished Seventh Chord
A seventh chord that has a minor 3rd from the root to the third and third to the fifth, and has a major third from the fifth to the seventh
A short composition with two-part or three-part contrapuntal texture
Rondo Form
A composition in which the first theme returns repeatedly (A-B-A-C-A, etc.)
Simple Interval
An interval that is no greater than an octave
Sonata-Allegro Form
A form consisting of three main sections (Exposition, Development, And Racapitulation); frequently found in the first movement of a classical sonata or symphony
Tonal Music
Music that has a sense of key