Augmented Triad
A triad which has two Major thirds
An improvised section in a composition that allows the performer artistic creativity
Close Harmony
Four-Part harmony with less than an octave between the soprano and tenor
Diatonic Scale
A scale with seven different tones
Dominant Seventh Chord
A seventh chord built on the dominant (scale step 5) written as V7, in root position
Homophonic Music
A melody line supported by an accompaniment
Monophonic Music
A single line of melody
Open Harmony
Four-Part harmony with an octave or more between the soprano and tenor voices
An orchestral composition used to introduce a large dramatic work
Polyphonic Music
Music in which two or more melodies are heard at the same time
Rondo Form
A composition in which the first theme returns repeatedly (A-B-A-C-A-etc.)
Seventh Chord
A four-tone chord, produced by adding another third on top or a triad
The interval of an Augmented fourth or a diminshed fifth, so-called because it spans three (tri) whole tones (C-F#, C-Gb)
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