Who is the drummer on the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue?”
Jimmy Cobb
What instrument did Cannonball Adderley play?
Alto Sax
Who is the pianist on the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue?”
Bill Evans
What instrument does Charlie Haden play?
The John Coltrane album “Giant Steps” was recorded during which year?
What instrument does John McLaughlin play?
Fusion guitar
Who was the drummer in the John Coltrane’s classic quartet of the 1962-1965?
Elvin Jones
“Giant Steps” by John Coltrane untilized what type of harminoc progression?
Ron Carter played which instrument?
Which pianist was famous for playing with John Coltrane?
Cecil Taylor
Who is the bassist on the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue?”
—— Chambers
Who was the bassist for Miles Davis’s 1964-1968 quintet?
Ron Carter
What instrument did Don Cherry play?
Pocket trumpet
What style of jazz best describes the music or Ornette Coleman?
What instrument does Keith Jarrett play?
Which album marked the beginning of Miles Davis’s partnership with Joe Zawinul?
Bitches Brew?
What instrument does Joe Zawinul play?
Who was the drummer for Miles Davis’s 1964-1968 quintet?
“philly joe” Jones
In addition to the tenor saxaphone, John Coltrane was famous for playing which type of saxaphone?
Miroslav Vitous plays which instrument?
Bill Evans contributed significantly to which one of these Miles Davis albums?
Kind of Blue
paul Motain playes which instrument?
What year was the group “Weather Report formed?
Which guitarist heavily influenced Miled Davis’ post 1968 style?
What musical style best describes the tune “Chameleon?”
Larry Coryell plays which instrument?
Acoutic guiatar
jaco Pastorious played which instument?
Bass guitar
What did Chick Corea call his band?
Return to Forever
Acid Jazz was created by..
two british DJs
The album entitled “Bitches Brew” was made by which artist?
Miles Davis
Ostinato bass lines, or those that repeat a pattern, are likely found in which style?
Dave Liebman played saxaphone for which artist?
miles Davis
Smooth jazz emerged during what decade?
Who was the co-founder of Weather Report and major contributing Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers?
Wayne Shorter
Saxaphonist john Zorn is associated with which idiom?
Clezmer jazz
Who is most closely associated with neo-classical jazz?
miles Davis
What instrument does Dave ouglas play?
What instrument does Chucho Valdez play?
What intrument does Artuo Sandaval play?
What instument does Pacquito D’Rivera play?
Alto Sax
In which decade did Wyton Marshalls gain prominence?
What instrument does Keny G use in most of his recordings?
Soul Sax
Steve Coleman plays which instrument?
Micheal Brecker plays which instrument?
Ceciel Taylor is known for which style of Jazz?
Free jazz
What instuent did Albert Ayler play?
Kenny G is known for what type of jazz?