Which composer wrote only one opera?
Who composed Valkyrie?
Richard Wagner
Which composer was elected to Government Office?
Bullini and Donisitti were considered what?
italian belcanto opera
Who composed “Pictures at an Exhibition”?
Modest Mussorgsky
What is a tone poem?
symphonic poem
What theme starts Romeo and Juliet?
love and vindeta? romantic strings
What is characteristic of all nationalistic music?
folk music is incorporated
The rise of nationalism in music is a reflection of what?
struggle for national independence
What country gave rise to nationalism in music?
Which of these composers is in the Mighty Five? (one will be true)
Balakiev, Borodin, Cui, Rimskikorsakov, Musorgsky
What kind of music is “Pictures at an Exhibition”?
Who was the lifelong model of Brahms?
Which composer was a friend of Brahms?
Johann Strauss II
Who wrote the “New World Symphony”?
Antonin Dvorak
Translate “Rubato”
stolen, robbed
How many members did a Romantic Orchestra have?
Four composers, which one did not write Lieds?
schubert did write lieds.
Which composer died in an insane asylum?



Beethoven composed most of his (blank) during his third style period
The composer most responsible for elevating music to a new level of respect during the Romantic Period was…
Beethoven had how many stylistic periods?
What was a “musical” theme of the Romantic Composer?
Which describes the view of the Romantic Composer regarding form
individual spontenaity
What did the Romantic Composer try to convey in their music?
In the 19th century, which of the arts was considered to be the most expressive of emotion?
Which composer started a music magazine due to a damaged hand?
robert schumann
What quality was most prized by Romantic Artists?
integrity of personal feeling.
What is the musical term is applied to the flexibility of rhythm?
How does the Romantic Composer treat Tone Color?
How does the Classical and Romantic Orchestra compare?
romantic is bigger
What was the important new member added to the orchestra?
What do we call music without singing yet is derived from a poem, etc
program music
Who composed “Erlking”?
Franz Schubert
What is the “Erlking”?
In what form is the “Erlking”?
How many characters are in the “Erlking”?
Who performs the “Erlking”?
male voice
What is the mood of the “Erlking”?
What does the piano intro in the “Erlking” bring to mind (what does it sound like)?
horse hooves/ excitement
Who composed “Nocturne in F Sharp”?
Frederic Chopin
Which composer earned his living as a music critic?
Who wrote “Symphony Fantastique”?
Hector Berlioz
The 5th movement in “Symphony Fantastique”, what does it sound like?
Dark. Whiches orgy
Know which composers is a Romantic Composer?
Schubert, berlinz, verdi, wagner, tchickovsy, bromz, mohler,
What composer had a great influence on Early Romantic Composers?
Which of the other arts had a great influence on Romantic Composers?
What is the English word for “Lied”?
Who was a famous Lied composer?
What are the two basic forms for the Lied?
1.Strophic – same music for every verse
2.Through-composed – different music for each verse. The voice and words fit very closely together.?
What did Schubert start his career in?
What did Schubert write a lot of?
What instrument was a popular solo instrument in the 19th century?
What instrument did Chopin not write for?
What would be the translation for a “night piece”?
Who was a famous, flamboyant pianist during the 19th century?
What is a concert overture?
early 19th cent overture but no following opera
Symphony Fantastique includes what?
idee fixe
What is true of program music (definition)?
no singing and based on literary work
Which composer retired around the age of 35?
Which composer only wrote one opera?
Who composed Valkyrie?
Richard wagner
Which composer was elected to Gov. Office?
Bullini and Donsitti were considered what type of opera composers?
italian bel canto
Carl Maria von Weber was the founder of what type of Opera?
german romantic
Verdi’s early operas dealt with what?
human voice
What were Verdi’s last two works?
Otello, 5 February 1887
Falstaff, 9 February 1893 ?
What is the term for total art work that Wagner used?
Who wrote the text for Wagner’s works?
What term is used for something that represents an object or a person in an opera?