Whole step- Whole step- Half step- Whole step
What do five-note pentascales consist of?
A musical sentence.
What is a phrase?
One piano key that has 2 names.
What is an enharmonic?
How many keys are played in a fourth interval?
Medium piano or medium soft
What does “mp” stand for?
Medium forte or medium loud
What does “mf” stand for?
Musical speed
What is tempo?
What is the first and slowest tempo?
Quite slow
Lento is the Italian word that means…?
What is the 2nd tempo?
Moderately slow; walking.
Andante is the Italian term that means…?
What is the 3rd tempo marking?
Moderately fast.
Allegro is the Italian word that means…?
What is the 4th tempo?
Very fast.
Vivace is the Italian word that means what?