Pro Tools is owned by
True or False: The iLok is a small USB device that holds software licenses
he ability to manipulate elements independently on the timeline, is commonly known as
keyboard commandto open a new session
Command + N
The RTZ button is on the
A potentiometer (or pot)does what?
changes the level of audio signal passing through it
True or false: On a Mac, Command + = toggles between the Mix and the MIDI Editor view in Pro Tools
False – Mix & Edit views
True or false: The Clip List contains a pop-up menu and display area for the audio and MIDI files as well as file edits that are currently available in the session
True or false: A Pro Tools .ptx file contains all audio files associated with a session
True or false: The Mix view displays audio waveforms and allows editing
System Usage & Disk Usage displays are located under the following menu
True or false: The Aggregate I/O allows multiple interfaces
True or false: The Smart Tool contains the grid mode, scrub tool & Pincher tools
What are the numbers 1-5 in the top left area of the screen used for?
They represent zoom presets
What key commands will bring the transport into view?
Command + numeric key 1
To set a tempo (beats per minute) in Pro Tools, typically the transport’s ______ must be turned off
conductor track
Key command for loop playback?
Shift + Command + L
How is Half-speed playback enabled?
by right-clicking on the play button in the transport
A _____ is a rapid increase in amplitude
True or false: The playlists are located as an option under the default tab waveforms, in the edit view
What is a click track?
a metronome function that allows you to accurately multitrack
Key command to record-arm any tracks that contain an edit cursor
Shift + R
Key command to mute any track that contains an edit cursor
Quickpunch is enabled how?
by right-clicking on the record button in the transport or under the menu Options
Key to make selections while tabbing to transient
hold down the Shift modifier
Relative grid mode allows you to do what?
offset an audio region and apply that offset to every following grid
The keyboard shortcut to separate a clip is
Command + E
_____ mode in Pro Tools can synch events to bars, beats and/or subdivisions of beats
A catalog in the Workspace browser does what?
allows a user-definable collection of audio, sessions, effects and more
To select nonadjacent regions or tracks, use the _____ key
The workspace browser is located under the ______ menu
To determine the tempo of an audio clip, click on the tempo number in the transport and tap what key in time with the music?
To nudge a region, use the following on the numeric keypad
+ and –
The event lists displays data as:
a list of values related to start point, note name, velocity & duration
with Shift & Return, a selection will be made from the timeline insertion where
back to the beginning of the session
With the Separation Grabber, if you want to drag out a selection of a region, but leave your source region unchanged, hold down _____ as you drag
MIDI merge allows you to do what
record on a MIDI track without overwriting any pre-existing MIDI data
Instead of pressing the arrow with the mouse cursor, a shortcut to comp tracks in the Playlist view is:
Control + Option + V
With _________________ all clip gain changes will be removed, and the clip gain line will be reset to a flat line of 0 dB
clear clip gain
What numeric key command do you use to place a memory location marker?
MIDI channels can have what plug-ins?
None… MIDI channels cannot have plug-ins
The separate clip command is:
Command + E
This linking option will compensate for the volume drop that sometimes occurs in crossfades
equal power (command + =)
The key command for repeat clip is
Option + R
The key command to create a group is:
The TCE tool is located inside the:
Trimmer Tool
When a gold border is permanently displayed around the edge of a region, you are in which Grabber mode?
By using the ____ keys during playback, you can select parts of the clip as your session plays
Up and down arrows
The zero line represents ___ ____being sent to a speaker
no voltage
Time Lock allows _____, but not movement to a new location
MIDI volume has a total range of
128 steps
What does the smart tool contain
trim, select, and grabber tool
Non linear editing is non_____
strip silence: useful for
for cleaning up badly recorded track, locating wave forms
found in: edit
master faders don’t have sounds
what menu to find identify beat
disc allocation dialogue box does?
shows where all files in the project are located. can choose where to save files
introducing noise in the conversion from 24 bit to 16 bit. extends dynamic range downward
heavily automated session: best to convert when
after bounce, so automation doesn’t cause latency. protools prioritizes automation
where to find warp markers?
same box as waveform view etc
warp markers used in?
elastic audio
time based effects:
effect the duration of the sound beyond it’s original duration
examples of time based effects:
delay, reverb
what menu do you import video with?
True or false audio samples can be only in sample mode: