What is SMPTE/MTC Time Address?
A stream of time values with units for HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS, FRAMES. (i.e 00:00:00:00)
HD 24 Process of Syncing
1. How many tracks can you sync at a time?
2. Is the HD24 the master or the slave?
3. On HD24, what do the settings Internal, Optical, and Word do? Which one do we choose?
4. What are the physical connections that need to be made?
5. Change PT to MTC Reader or Generator?
6. What should the start time in PT be?

Make sure you know the process and the correct order.

1. 2 tracks at a time
2. Master
3. They are clock sources
Internal: Device is Generating MTC
Optical: Device is Receiving MTC from Optical I/Ps
Word: Word Clock transmits
For this process, choose Internal
4. HD24 Tape out to Input of MBOX. Audio channels out into MBox. Midi Out into Midi In of Mbox.
5. PT is the MTC Reader (change in Peripherals). On the HD24, change to Generate MTC Under Preferences->MIDI
6. Whatever start time you had the song at when the original recording occurred.

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Connect HD24->MBox->PT
Select Internal & Generate MTC on HD24
Set levels on MBox to PT
Set PT To MTC Reader
Use Apple-2 to set (30) FPS and start time and then Apple-J
Record Arm in PT
Press Record in PT, THEN Play on HD24

What does VITC stand for?
Vertical Interval Time Code
What is VITC?
This form of SMPTE TC is used only on Video recordings as it is recorded as part of a Video frame in the vertical blinking section of the picture frame/field. It is recorded twice (to avoid any drop-outs or other problems) onto any of the unused lines within the vertical blinking interval.
Why is VITC used over LTC?
1. For slow motion purposes. LTC can not be read under 1/10 to 1/20 speed.
2. It doesn’t use up an audio track.
3. It’s more accurate than LTC. VITC does not use a self-clocking modulation signal. It uses a more basic type of modulation called Non Return to Zero (NRZ). It is part of a highly synchronized video signal.
Why use LTC over VITC?
1. You can stripe it at any time. In VITC, you have to stripe at the same time as the video signal.
How many bits does VITC word use?
90. This is what makes it more accurate than LTC.
What does LTC stand for?
Longitudinal Time Code
What does LTC use to record the wave onto tape and what kind of wave is it?
Manchester BI-phase modulation. Records a Square wave onto Analog tape.
LTC uses an ____ bit word to carry it’s data. Each word is subdivided into a group of __ bits each containing what knid of data? The address is updated ______ times per second. Every time there is a new _______, there is a new _________
80; 4; address data, sync data and user bits (date, reel number etc.): 25-30; frame; address
What are the advantages of LTC?
Can be striped/recorded onto tape before and after the audio/video data
Can be read at very high speeds
Can be used for both audio and video editing
What are the disadvantages of LTC?
Cannot be read at very slow tape speeds or during tape pause
Uses up an audio track of it’s own
What frequencies does LTC use?
LTC uses fundamental frequencies (e.g. 1kHz and 2kHz between 24 and 30 fps) to which human hearing is very sensitive and so cross talk between tape tracks (and console channels) is easily heard.
What level should SMPTE be recorded at?
About -7 VU
What is SMPTE or MTC defined as?
This is a standardized system/signal for giving accurate positional information to devices and is used to sync a device’s position and movements with other devices.
What is frame rate and what do we use for production?
time measurement according to playback. music production= 30 frames per second.
Sync signals are either ____ dependent or _____ dependent.
Tempo; Time
What does is mean for a sync signal to be Tempo dependent?
MIDI Clock, FSK. Based off of BPM. Locks two or more devices together based on the BPM of the master
What does it mean for a sync signal to be time dependent?
SMPTE, MTC. Audio or midi Signal that actually carries time information (like a clock). This signal is similar to a common timeline in any DAW. Device looks to follow the masters timeline or time code.
What does SMPTE stand for?
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMPTE audio is a ______ wave while MTC is _______
square; midi
What is cross talk?
When you can hear the sync signal coming through your recording.
What is Word Clock?
A square wave at the sample rate frequency used to sync all type of digital devices together
What kind of connectors do you use for:
2. AES
3. ADAT LightPipe
1. RCA (digital stereo signal)
2. XLR (digital stereo signal)
3. Toslink (transmits 8 signals at once)
What are the different frame rates and what are they used for?
1. 24 fps: used on film
2. 25 fps: used on PAL
3. 30 fps: used by NTSC. Started for b tv/video. Now for audio only sync functions
4. 29.97 for color video
5. 29.97 drop frame. Used in NTSC color video. Literally does not count some of the 30 fps devices frames
6. 30 Drop. This is not an official SMPTE rate. Runs at 30 but drops a few frames when software is not compatible.
What are the 3 functions of MOTU?
SMPTE reader/generator
SMPTE to MTC to SMPTE Converter
MIDI Interface
What are the two main data types of MTC?
1. MTC Quarter Frame: A continuous stream of data providing constant update of the time code address values (updated every second frame)
2. Full Message. Uses sysex messages. Time/address message called “real time” but is actually a on-off address message transmitted with Start, Stop. FF, Rew
User bits: a message that can transmit any user data (date, reel number)
What are the Typical uses of Sync?
Syncing 2 MTK devices together (i.e. Syncing protools to a 2″ tape machine)
Slaving MIDI devices to other MIDI devices or to non-midi devices
Syncing audio to film/video
Slaving console automation to MTK tape
Control of devices for live performances (lighting/video)
Control surfaces
Rewire (internal sync to make applications operate simultaneously)
Locking two digital devices together (word clock) for Digital audio transfer
______ clock= two machines moving at the same exact time
______ clock= only moving at tempo
time; beat
____ _____ Clock- a bpm referencing midi signal. Locks the BPM of multiple devices