1st species: acceptable intervals
no dissonances; a 4th is ok horizontally; unisons only at beginning and end
1st species: no more than ___ of an interval in a row
1st species: counterpoint above can start on
1 or 5
1st species: counterpoint below can start on
1st species: repetition
notes can be immediately repeated once in a piece
2nd species: acceptable intervals
dissonances on weak beats as passing tones
2nd species: no parallel/direct 5ths/8ths on
consecutive beats, consecutive strong beats
2nd species: beginning options
downbeat, weakbeat
3rd species: acceptable intervals
beat 1- consonant; beat 2/4- cons, passing tone or neighbor note; beat 3- cons or accented passing tone
double neighbor note
note–>upper neighbor–>lower note–>neighbor or note–>ln–>un–>note; if un first, motion continues
step, skip in same direction, step back, step in that direction
3rd species: no parallel/direct 5ths/8th on
consecutive downbeats, beat 3 & next beat 1, beat 4 & next beat 1
3rd species: climax should be on what beat
a strong beat
3rd species: beginning
downbeat, 2nd beat
3rd species: ending
4 quarters or 2 quarters and a half
4th species: accepted intervals
weak beat- consonant; strong beat- cons or diss (diss must resolve down by step)
4th species: counterpoint below ending
avoid 4-2-1
4th species: above suspensions
7-6; 4-3; 9-8
4th species: below suspensions
5th species: 2nd/3rd species exceptions
avoid quarter-half-quarter or quarter-dotted half
5th species: 4th species exceptions
suspensions must have consonant preparation; suspend long–>short; non-diss suspension can move on 2nd quarter